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2013 JPMorgan Chase Finance Forum

JPMCOn March 28th, Guy Chiarello, TCNJ alumnus class of ’81 and CIO of JPMorgan Chase, hosted the 3rd Annual TCNJ Finance Forum for the School of Business, welcoming over 125 students, faculty and alumni practitioners at their World Headquarters in New York City.


Andrew Holzheimer ’82, Executive Director and CTO Program Manager for Wholesale Loan Technology within the Corporate & Investment Bank at JPMorgan Chase, served as moderator.


  • Tania S. Bari – Vice President, JPMorgan Private Bank
  • Stephen Klimas  ’93 – Chief Financial Officer for CIT’s Transportation Finance Division
  • Matthew Stypul ’97 – Director, Head of NA Fixed Income Ecommerce at Citigroup

Mr. Chiarello opened the event with sage advice to young people starting their careers: “What I look for [hiring] is how you network… how you present yourself… someone inquisitive, well versed and current in your profession… You may start out in finance, but I guarantee you, you will end up in technology during your career.”

Mr. Klimas advised students: “To whatever extent you can, get some international exposure. Also, you may start out in finance, but your careers will expand to cover interdisciplinary areas.” He outlined his version of the 4 C’s of a Career: competence, communication, creativity and connections. Summing up, “There’s a lot of bright folks but take time for connections, [they will be] a big differentiator in your success.”

Ms. Bari stressed the importance of staying current, reading financial reports and papers weekly, if not daily. She shared her insight on several topical issues such as how the Greek crisis caused a domino effect across Europe and the opportunities to invest in high vs. low risk companies, chancing higher risk for higher returns. Her advice to students: “Have a positive attitude… ask questions… network, reach out… you have to own your own career.”

Mr. Stypul discussed the regulations banks are facing, cautioning students “If you are interviewing, you must understand what has happened over the past 5 years.” He advised them to have a basic understanding of the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform Act, Basel III, and technology. “Be knowledgeable of these in interviews and you will show you’ve done your homework… Everyone will be smart. You have to bring more to the table.”

Mr. Holzheimer closed the formal presentations, challenging students with their two-fold homework assignment.  First, to begin networking NOW, “You’ve heard about the importance of relationship management and communication skills; about getting out there, eyeball to eyeball;” and  finally, for sophomores and juniors on TCNJ’s ranking #59, “I challenge you to get to #52; my College # was 53, and you need to beat that!”

Thanking our host and speakers, Dean Keep commented on our shared goal, “We are trying to accomplish something together – to help you build your individual careers, but also to show you how to build your shared relationships.”