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Travelling in China

During the summer of 2011, twelve TCNJ students toured Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Suzhou China as part of “Doing Business in China” with Dr. Qin Shao (history) and Dr. Linghui Tang (finance & international business.)

This two-week course focused on several important international business issues of China, including international trade and investment, marketing, and management. Case studies were provided within the context of historical background and current development in China. The students were required to conduct market research and design a business plan for a New Jersey company to enter the Chinese market.

Kaitlin Saltzer, a senior with a self-designed major, documented the experience in her online journal.  Saltzer remarked: “It has been a whirlwind of sensory overload, in a very good way. I feel like I’ve gotten a real glimpse at what urban China is all about. Sightseeing in Beijing was wonderful, there was something to see on literally every corner and we had an amazing tour guide.”

Danielle Bazer, international studies sophomore: “From the Great Wall of China, to karaoke in Beijing, to the Venice of the East, and to a traditional tea ceremony in Shanghai, this course afforded me the opportunity to go half way around the world and experience a rich culture with more than 5,000 years of history.”

Jillian Reif, international business senior: “Taking the class Doing Business in China was a great experience for me.  China is one of the most discussed countries in International Business classes and the class was incredibly useful to my knowledge and understanding of international business.  As a result of the trip, my boss at my internship noticed the seriousness of my interest in international travel and offered to send me to Malaysia for a few months if I join the company as a full time employee after graduation.  It is much less likely he would have though to extend such an offer to me without the trip.”

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