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Finance Students Visit Wall Street

Finance Students Visit Wall Street

On Wednesday, November 16 a group of TCNJ finance students joined alumni Jennifer Graf ‘96 and Brandon Klein ’16 of Renaissance Technologies for lunch at the Seafire Grill in Manhattan, after which they visited the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The students were accompanied by President Kate Foster, School of Business Assistant Dean Tammy Dieterich, and professor of finance Tae-Nyun Kim.

“It was such a pleasure to host President Foster and the School of Business finance students and faculty in New York City,” said Jennifer Graf, Renaissance Technologies’ head of operations and TCNJ finance graduate. “There was engaging conversation and you could feel the excitement as they are at the cusp of starting their professional careers. This is their moment and I feel privileged to be a little part of it,” she elaborated. Jennifer also explained how she intended for this networking event to illustrate the vitality of connections in career building: “I hope the conversation reinforced the importance of building relationships as [the students] embark on their journey and that they one day pay it forward themselves.”

Dylan Catania ‘23, one of the fourteen undergraduates who made the trip to New York City, offered his perspective on the event: “We learned about the winding paths that financial and accounting careers can take, and met some amazing alumni that shared their stories since they graduated from TCNJ. Seeing the closing bell in person was surreal— the NYSE was so much fun! The tickers, traders, and anchors buzzed and hovered all over. The energy in that place was electric!” Another student attendee, Ashley Herrera, voiced a similarly positive opinion. “Having the opportunity to be able to talk with President Foster and Jennifer Graf was a great step in my career advancement as they offered notable advice on how to navigate the business world for a woman in finance through their own personal experiences,” she said. Ashley added that “having the ability to visit the NYSE allowed us to see firsthand how our financial knowledge and technological advancements can work together to raise capital for thousands of the world’s best companies.”

The TCNJ School of Business thanks Ms. Graf and Mr. Klein for being so generous with their time. The School would also like to thank Bill Stephenson ’93 and Bailey Kessing from the New York Stock Exchange for arranging the tour of the NYSE


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