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“Double Counting Rule”

Correlate courses may be counted between majors and minors freely. The “double counting rule” does not apply to correlate courses. Correlate courses are required of the major but are not offered within the major’s department. Correlate courses are listed as such in PAWS. Correlate courses may also satisfy both major/minor requirements AND Liberal Learning requirements. For example, business majors are required to complete MAT 125 or MAT 127 for their major; this also satisfies a Quantitative Reasoning requirement for Liberal Learning. 

Double Major:  Students with double majors may use up to three course units towards both majors. The primary major dictates the Liberal Learning requirements (Option A). Please note that students enrolled in a B.S. degree program within the School of Business cannot double major in another B.S. degree program within the School of Business. The B.A. in Economics is the only major that can be paired with another major within the School of Business.

Major/Minor: Correlate courses for a student’s major may be applied freely to the minor. Outside of correlate coursework, only one course unit may be applied towards both the major and minor.

Interdisciplinary Concentration: Two courses may be counted between a major and interdisciplinary concentration. One course may be counted between a minor and interdisciplinary concentration.