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Elisa Torres '08

Elisa Torres has taken her marketing degree all the way to Singapore where she works as the senior marketing manager for Asia Pacific and Japan, Johnson & Johnson. With Johnson & Johnson, she is part of their International Development Program, designed to give leaders global exposure to accelerate career readiness for future leadership roles. Torres is also an accomplished TEDx speaker: “I have a big passion for helping to empower young girls and women,” said Torres. “I do this through philanthropic anti human trafficking work and by mentoring and coaching women in corporate settings.” You can learn more about her work here,

How has COVID-19 impacted your day-to-day working experience? Since my role is focused on digital marketing, I am busier than ever before as we have had to transform our approach in interacting with customers in a very short time frame. I spend a lot of my day working on creative decisions regarding our marketing messaging and how to deploy it digitally. The rest of my time is spent in negotiations and discussions with our legal, regulatory, and compliance teams since we are in a highly regulated health care industry. I love to see us continue to move the needle forward on how we transform the business.

Words of advice to current students during these times? This is a season of life. All seasons have their end. Don’t waste this season even though it seems and feels like it’s all bad. What can this season teach you about endurance, resilience, creativity? That type of mindset will pay dividends as you move forward in life because you will always face challenging seasons from time to time.

How did your TCNJ School of Business education lead you to your current role? TCNJ School of Business gave me a solid foundation for a successful career in business. I often reflect on what I learned in my marketing, comms, and economics classes. I also had the opportunity to do several internships, one of which I secured through TCNJ, which helped give me necessary real-world experience.


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