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Message from the Dean

Welcome to the School of Business at The College of New Jersey as we complete our 35th year of undergraduate business education. What better way to be recognized for the quality of students, faculty, alumni and staff who have passed through our doors than to have Businessweek again rank us as the top rated undergraduate business program in New Jersey!

As Dean I am extremely proud to be part of this tradition. Having been listed by Businessweek in the top 100 each year since 2010, we were particularly pleased to be ranked #35 in the country in 2016. Our accounting program also enjoys exceptional recognition, being ranked #20 nationally by Of course everyone likes to receive good news. Our best compliments, however, come from our alumni, students, and employers. Talented faculty and supportive staff have successfully guided young people for decades and it shows.

Rankings and compliments are nice outcomes that come only after a great deal of work. Whether preparing to do an audit; investing actual money; working on a marketing campaign; learning selling techniques; analyzing economic data, or discovering effective ways to manage people, each student benefits from engaging in real situations and interacting with experienced business men and women.

In any given year alumni come to campus for numerous events and students travel to visit companies, hear professionals speak, compete in competitions, and present their own research. Many of the extra things are made possible by gifts from alumni and other supporters whom we gratefully acknowledge for helping us deliver an engaging academic experience. If you are thinking of attending college or hiring a graduating college student consider the School of Business at The College of New Jersey. If you are interested in supporting affordable undergraduate business education contact me to learn more about what we do. Thank you for your interest in The College of New Jersey.

With warm regards,

William W. Keep, Dean