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Minor in Marketing

The minor in marketing provides students with an opportunity to explore an exciting and important area of business.  Marketing is a broad and dynamic field; the minor provides the flexibility for students to pursue their specific interests in the area of marketing.  Students can select among courses that explore such areas as advertising, marketing research, sales, international marketing, and consumer behavior. This minor is well suited for students majoring in a variety of areas, including psychology, communications, graphic design, one of the sciences, or one of the other specializations in the School of Business (e.g., finance).

Requirements for the Minor in Marketing

The minor in marketing requires completion of 5 course units (two ½ course units, and four full course units).

Required Course (1/2 Course Unit)

  • MKT 201 Marketing Principles (½ course unit)

Course Option (Choose One, 1/2 Course Unit)

  • FIN 201 Fundamental Financial Methods
  • MGT 201 Managing in the 21st Century
  • IST 201 Information Systems Concepts

Course Option (Choose One, 1 Course Unit)

  • ECO 101 Microeconomics
  • PSY 101 General Psychology
  • SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

Course Options (Choose any three MKT Course Units)


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