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Richard B. Baker

Associate Professor of Economics

Phone: (609) 771-3430


Office: Business Building 318

Office Hours: Monday 3:20-5:00pm Wednesday 3:00-4:00pm

Webpage: *

PhD Boston University


bakerFields of Interests:

Economic History, Labor Economics, Development Economics, Applied Econometrics

Publications and Working Papers:

“From the Field to the Classroom: The Boll Weevil’s Impact on Education in Rural Georgia,” Journal of Economic History, forthcoming.

“Finding the Fat: The Relative Impact of Budget Fluctuations on African-American Schools,” November 2014.

“From Plutocracy to Progressivism? The Assassination of President McKinley as a Turning Point in American History,” (with Carola Frydman and Eric Hilt), July 2014.


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