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Meet the CEO Peer Mentors

2020-2021 CEO Peer Mentors

Director, Matthew Koller ’21 Finance (Financial Accounting)
“My piece of advice, for an incoming freshman, is to not feel stressed or rushed to make a decision regarding your career path. Also to embrace and cherish your time here as it goes by way too fast.”
Coordinator Section 01, Andrew Donohue ’21 Finance
“Get involved on campus groups as much as possible early on. Join clubs, ask professors to chat, and try to introduce yourself to as many people as you can.”
Coordinator Section 02, Mitchell Hennessey ’21Finance“Get out of your “bubble” as much as possible. It can be easy to find a group of friends and stick to them. You have a chance to make a real impact while in college and have so many opportunities to do so. Embrace it, you will never another chance like this.”

Team 1A Op Manager Section 01, Obinna Obuteh ’22 Finance“I would say to listen to and follow through on any advice given to you. Always be open for new ideas.”Team 1B April Kibalo ’22 Economics (WGSS)“Don’t be afraid to ask questions!”Team 2A Trevor Bell ’22 Finance“Get involved in organizations you are interested in once you’re on campus. It allows you to meet a lot of awesome people and make lifelong friends.”Team 2B Jessica Hamalian ’22 Marketing (Biology)“Get involved on campus & try your best in classes!”
Team 3A Louis D’Agati ’23 Accounting (Fiance, IST)“My best advice for an incoming freshman is to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Growth can only happen if you step outside your comfort zone! Try new things, meet new people, practice your public speaking, and PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. You’ll learn so much about yourself when you relax, be yourself, and step outside your comfort zone to try new things.”Team 3B Brittany Blair ’21 Psychology (Business Management)“Don’t be afraid to ask questions and attend office hours!”Team 4A Sharon Diao ’23 Economics“Get involved early and in as much as you can! It’s okay if you decide you don’t like something, but you never know if you don’t try it out. Also, be diverse with your choices. Not everything has to be academic based. Don’t forget about your hobbies!”Team 4B Rupak Doctor ’21 Marketing (Communication Studies)“Use your on campus resources!”
Team 5A Antonio Gamboa ’21 Accounting“Try as many new things as possible, and branch out! This is the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone, since you and all of your class are in the same boat. Make connections!”Team 5B Lauren Toolen ’22 Marketing“Push yourself out of your comfort zone and get to know the people sitting around you in class. Having strong relationships with your professors is pertinent, but having a friend in your classes to work on projects or study for exams with might even be more important!”Team 6A Erika Heinrich ’23 Interdisciplinary Business/WGS (Photo and Video)“Try as many things that are new to you that campus offers as you can.”Team 6B Matthew Lojewski ’21 Marketing“Something important to learn as a freshman is how to manage your time and also to be open to new opportunities.”
Team 7A Felix Lopez ’23 Management“I would tell freshman to get involved. TCNJ can offer so many great opportunities and can help you grow as a student and person, but it is up to you to take advantage of it all. You will be able to have amazing relationships and experiences with people as well as being able to network at the same time. Also, Time Management is really important!”Team 7B Megan Radice ’21 Finance (Marketing)“I would suggest incoming freshman take advantage of their resources and get involved in on campus organizations early on.”Team 8A Justin Korman ’22 Finance“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and get involved.”Team 8B Samantha Moccaro ’21 Management (Finance)“I would give an incoming freshman the advice to stay true to yourself while being open to new experiences at school. Freshman year of college is a very exciting time: as an incoming senior I would give the advice to treasure the time that you have while really discovering what you want to achieve over the course of your college career.”
Team 9A Katelyn Kowal ’23 Marketing“Apply yourself – go out and join different clubs and organizations and meet new people!”Team 9B Shane Richey ’21 Marketing“Don’t panic! Enjoy every moment of your experience because these are the best four years and they fly by.”Team 10A Carla Perez ’23 Management (WGSS)“I would tell an incoming freshman to get a planner and to download google calendar. When I first came to TCNJ, I never implemented support systems like those to keep me organized. I did not realize how busy one can get with their extra curricular activities and school work. One may think that they have a lot of time but, every hour is essential. One has to decided when to eat, study, do homework, work out, and more. So, an incoming freshman should get organized and note their things down.”Team 10B Melanie Fosko ’21 Accounting (Marketing/IST)“Take advantage of all the activities available on campus. Get involved in business clubs, try a school run case competition, or network with employers at a meet & greet! It’s never too early to start”
Team 11A Matthew Petrovic ’23 Accounting (IST)“Put yourself out their, do not sit in your room all day. Everyone is in the same boat as you are is and getting to know the people around you will make your first semester easier. Also it is normal to be nervous and excited at the same time, do not stress yourself out because you will love TCNJ!”Team 11B Alexa Mazzaccoli ’21 Marketing“Don’t be afraid to ask your mentors for help! I know it could be intimidating having older students mentor you, but we are open to answer any questions. From scheduling classes, to professor advice, to college transition tips, we’re here to guide you along the way!”Team 12A Stephani Horn-Mitchem Management (Italian)“Work on your time-management skills. You will go from having a very structured schedule to a couple classes a week and a ton of free time. Work will creep up on you if you don’t allocate some of that free time to it.”Team 12B Krzystof Pisorski ’22 Finance (Management)“Establish priorities quickly and try not to stray to far from them.”
Team 13A Op Manager Section 02, Andrew Kali ’22 Management“Definitely get involved in clubs/organizations.”Team 13B Carlye Danziger ’22 Marketing (Interactive Multimedia)“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and get involved in clubs and organizations. It may seem scary at first, but it’s a great way to meet new people.”Team 14A Zoe Iovino ’23 Interdisciplinary Business (Health and Wellness)“Put yourself out there and join things that interest you. Also, take advantage of the resources the school has to offer!”Team 14B Praise Dada ’21 Accounting“Never be afraid to try new things and most importantly get involved!”
Team 15A Aneta Sieminski ’23 Management (Spanish)“Come into TCNJ with an open mindset about your classes, major, extracurriculars, and college as a whole! Work hard, get to know as many people as you can, take advantage of all that TCNJ offers you, and your freshman year will be over sooner than you can imagine!”Team 15B Nick Cosenza ’21 Accounting“Take advantage of every opportunity from resume review workshops to networking events with alumni and potential employers.”Team 16A Ani Zaimova ’22 Finance“Although college can be intimidating, it’s important to start getting involved in various clubs and organizations as soon as you can. This is where you are going to meet life long friends, make the best college memories, and better the TCNJ community which is tremendously rewarding.”Team 16B Giovanni Magee ’22 Finance (General History)“A piece of advice I would give to incoming freshman would be to get some sort of planner/agenda. Learn to manage your time, and prioritize things and events that are important to you. Most importantly, always leave plenty of time for yourself. I felt that my freshman year was a huge transition for me from high school to college, and I would often never leave enough time for personal leisure. The time I spent with new friends I made, being alone in my dorm, or working out at the gym was great for my mental health, and kept me motivated with my coursework.”
Team 17A Zach LiVecchi ’22 Management“Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Introduce yourself to your professors and classmates. You might form a relationship that will help you later on, and you will meet some great people!”Team 17B Adrian Luong ’22 Economics“Get to know people and talk to upperclass men since they were freshman at one point and have prior experience.”Team 18A Amanda Maroun ’22 Management (IST)“Use your resources on campus, they are there for a reason!”Team 18B Brian McCormick ’21 Finance (Economics/IST)“Try to not get caught up in the uncertainty of coming to school for the first time. If you give your full effort to school and learning from your peers, your TCNJ experience will be one to remember!”
Team 19A Danny Mendelsohn ’22 Finance (Psychology)“To get involved in an organization that is of interest to you.”Team 19B Nicole Vadon ’22 Marketing“Take advantage of the resources TCNJ provides! Talk to your professors after class and get to know them! Being on a first name basis with your professors can open up more opportunity than not.”Team 20A Brian Petrovic ’23 Accounting“Join as many clubs and activities as possible.”Team 20B Sarah Armstrong ’21 Marketing“Get involved! Whether it’s in a business organization or not, the best way to immerse yourself into college life is to join a club/group/team that makes you happy. There, you’ll meet people who might just become lifelong friends!”
Team 21A Anthony Rica ’23 Finance (International Studies)“Don’t hesitate to try new things. Go out of your comfort zone. You only get to do this once so try everything.”Team 21B Daria Briggs ’22 Marketing (Communications)“To get involved as soon as possible.”Team 22A Mansi Rupapara ’23 Finance“Transitioning into college can be tough, but balance out your school and leisure time.”Team 22B Larry Kruglyak ’21 Finance“Stay on top of your work from the beginning of the semester and don’t fall behind.”
Team 23A Kelly Carolan ’21 Finance (Management)“Don’t be afraid to ask questions and attend office hours!”Team 23B Delia Noone ’22 Marketing (Interactive Media)“Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and get involved!”Team 24A Madison Donohue ’23 Interdisciplinary Business“Try your best, this is a new beginning, so treat is as a fresh start and don’t stress about the past.”Team 24B Regan Goldberg ’22 Finance (Psychology)“Take advantage of all the opportunities on campus to get involved, whether it is with the School of Business or a hobby that you have!”
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