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Selling Facts

1.  A national study* of student placement rates and starting salaries for students taking one or more sales classes indicated that:

Comparison to other Marketing Students:Starting Salary Placement Rate
Completed Basic Sales Class:+$500 to $1750+ 3 to 4%
Multiple Sales Classes:+$3500 to $9500+19% to 29%


* Survey of 33 collegiate sales programs, conducted by the Northern Illinois Sales Center, 2009, published in the Journal of Selling and Major Account Management (Fall, 2009).

The TCNJ Career Center survey of 2010 marketing graduates revealed that their starting salary was $41,136, compared to$46,250 for Professional Selling Minors, based on a survey of those minors conducted by Dr. Pelham in 2011. According to that survey, the second year selling minor average salary was $53,333 and the third year average salary was $55,550 (with 30% earning over $80,000).


2. From the University Sales Education Foundation, quoted in HR Chally/Selling Power Supplement, 2011.

  • 90% of graduates of sales programs end up in the top 10% of their sales force in terms of performance.
  • 50% of all graduates with bachelors degrees take positions in sales at some point in their career.


3. Among the top ten highest paying jobs, sales manager ranks fourth ($136.000) and financial services sales agent ranks fifth ($130,000). (CNN/Money Magazine data 2010)

4. Recruiters ranked personal selling first and sales management fifth among the marketing courses that business students should take if they seek marketing related positions. (Weibaker, Journal of Selling and Major Account Management, Spring 2009)

5. A 2010 survey on revealed that 55% of all marketing related positions were either sales or sales manager positions.

6. Compared to 2010 National Association of Colleges and Employers data indicating that only 24% of graduating seniors had jobs or job offers at graduation, 70% of TCNJ Professional Selling minors had jobs and 100% had jobs within 3 months of graduation (Pelham 2011 survey of Professional Selling minors)

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