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Student Travel

The School of Business Student Travel Policy

1. Student’s must obtain approval for travel and amount of expenses to be reimbursed from the Dean (or Assistant Dean). This can be done via email. All emails should copy the Assistant to the Dean at

2. Student’s must complete a Student Travel Request form. The form can be found on the School of Business website under “Student Resources” or a hard copy can be obtained in the Dean’s office.

3. Completed travel forms must contain a faculty supervisor signature (e.g., club advisor, senior project advisor, etc.).

4. Completed, signed forms, with travel expense reimbursement approval, must be submitted to the Assistant to the Dean two weeks prior to the date of travel.

5. If a group of students are traveling, one student may complete the Student Travel Request form attaching a complete list of all students traveling and approval for travel expenses to be reimbursed from the Dean. This form must also contain the signature of the faculty advisor.

6. Student Travel Request forms will also need to be completed, with a zero total for expenses, for a student/group of students attending a conference/competition/event with no expenses being reimbursed, in order to be excused from class for time missed and liability purposes. This form is due two weeks prior to the date of travel and must contain the faculty advisor signature.

7. Within two weeks of the date of travel, students must submit a list of expenses, with original receipts, to the Assistant to the Dean. Receipts must show that the individual student incurred the expense (date, name, amount, etc.). Expenses may not exceed the previously approved amount unless separate approval from the Dean was given. In that event, the separate approval must be included.

8. Reimbursements will only be made to the person/organization/chapter who incurred the expenses and whose name is on the receipt(s). If a Student Organization, Chapter or designee pays for all or any part of the travel (e.g., hotel, registrations), the reimbursement for that payment will be made to that person/organization/chapter.

9. Any questions, please email the Assistant to the Dean at

Download Student Travel Request Form