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Internships & Field Experience

It is highly recommended that all students complete an internship at some point during their academic career. The School of Business works in conjunction with the Career Center to provide and help its students find credited and non-credit internships that are both relevant and beneficial.

Credited Internships

Students who have earned 60 credits and a minimum 2.5 GPA may submit a request to complete up to four credits of internship per semester. For each credit of experience, you must complete 50 hours of experience at the internship site:

.25 units (1 credit) = 50 hours of experience
.5 units (2 credits) = 100 hours of experience
.75 units (3 credits) = 150 hours of experience
1 unit (4 credits) = 200 hours of experience

Students may take a second internship in the same program only in situations where they will be able to apply essentially different knowledge, methods, or skills than those applied in the prior internship. No student should receive credit for more than two internship experiences. See exceptions for Accounting majors below. *

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Bus 399 School of Business Internship

Click here for step by step instructions: BUS 399 Internship Student How To Register pdf

ACC 399 Accounting Internship

Students pursuing credited Accounting internships will fill out the following forms:

At the conclusion of the internship, students are encouraged to evaluate their experience:

* Accounting majors who wish to pursue a second internship in Accounting may do so only in the summer. This credit may not be used to satisfy minimum units toward graduation but may be applied toward the 150-CPA credit requirement.

Non-Credited Internships

Students may choose to pursue an internship for no credit. There is no limit to how many non-credited internships a student may do. While no approval is required, a student must complete a Non-Credit Internship form online prior to starting the internship.

Click here to: complete the online Non-Credit Internship form.

At the conclusion of your internship, click here to: evaluate your experience.

Career Center Resources

For additional information about internship requirements and opportunities in the School of Business, contact the School of Business Student Development Specialist at 609/771-2882.