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Change of Major/Second Major Guidelines

Spring 2018

Deadline (late applications will not be considered): Friday, March 2nd by 4:30pm

Submit application materials to the Dean’s Office (Business Building, Suite 114). You must submit both items for your application to be reviewed. Incomplete and/or late applications will not be reviewed. Applications will be reviewed after the deadline.

Satisfaction of minimum entrance requirements does not guarantee admission into major.

Entrance into majors is competitive.

Minimum Entrance Requirements (Foundation Courses) by Major:

  • Accounting – Minimum grade of “B” in ACC 201; ACC 201 may be in progress during the semester for which a student is applying
  • Economics – Earned minimum grade of “C” in ECO 101, ECO 102, and ECO 231
  • Finance – Earned minimum grade of “B” in FIN 201
  • Interdisciplinary Business – Earned minimum grade of “C” in BUS 200, ECO 101, and two of the following courses: FIN 201, MGT 201, IST 201, or MKT 201 and a strong idea of your track/focus for the Interdisciplinary Business major. Please be sure to address your proposed course of study in your application essay.
  • Management – Earned minimum grade of “C” in MGT 201
  • Marketing – Earned minimum grade of “C+” in MKT 201 

Outside of Accounting, all majors require that (a) grade(s) has/have been earned/posted for foundation course(s) prior to applying. Students may not apply if they are currently taking a foundation course, even if it is a half semester course.

Application Checklist:

___ Completed Change of Major/Second Major Form (official Records & Registration form)

  • Do not seek department chair signature for this form. The department chair will review your application after it has been submitted to the Dean’s Office in BB 114.

___ Application Essay (1 page, double-spaced)

  • Your essay should answer the following questions:
    How did you become interested in this major? Have you had any background experience related to your desired major? What are your career goals upon completing your degree, and how will this major support these goals?

All non-business students who are accepted into one of the business majors (except for Accounting) must complete a BUS 100 waiver form. BUS 100: Business Colloquium is a freshman-level professional development seminar required of all business majors outside of Accounting. The BUS 100 waiver form will be emailed to you upon entry into your new major. Guidelines on how to satisfy the BUS 100 requirement will be detailed on the waiver form.

Prior to applying to one of the business majors, we strongly suggest you reach out to the respective department chair for your prospective major for advising. Also, please be sure to utilize the “What-If” tool in PAWS to review your completed and remaining requirements for your prospective major. For additional guidance, you may refer to our major check sheets and suggested four year sequences.