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Change of Major/Second Major Guidelines

Fall 2018 & Spring 2019

  • Fall 2018 Deadline: Thursday, October 4 at 4:30pm
  • Spring 2019 Deadline: Thursday, February 28 at 4:30pm

The Fall 2018 application will be available at the start of the fall semester. Updated information on how to submit your application will be posted on the School of Business website at that time.

You may apply under two different categories:

  • Pre-Major – To apply for Pre-Major Status, you must either:
  1. Have completed or currently be completing ANY/ALL prerequisite courses for the required foundation course(s) for your desired major


  1. Be currently enrolled in the foundation course(s) for your desired major
  • Major – To apply for Major Status, you must:
    • Have completed (all of) the foundation course(s) for your desired major with the minimum grade requirement(s) as listed below

If you are accepted into the Pre-Major under #1, you MUST complete ANY/ALL foundation course(s) during the semester immediately following your acceptance as a Pre-Major. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from Pre-Major.

Upon completing the foundation course(s) for your desired major, your grade(s) for the foundation course(s) will be reviewed. If you have satisfied the minimum grade requirement(s) for (all of) the foundation course(s), you will be fully accepted into your desired major. If you have not successfully completed the foundation course(s) with the minimum required grade(s), you will be dismissed from the Pre-Major.

Students who have been dismissed from the Pre-Major will be ineligible to apply as a Pre-Major for the same major a second time. However, students may apply for the major after successfully earning the minimum grade requirement(s) for (all of) the foundation course(s) required of the desired major.

All non-business students who are accepted into one of the business majors (except for Accounting) must complete a BUS 100 waiver form. BUS 100: Business Colloquium is a freshman-level professional development seminar required of all business majors outside of Accounting. The BUS 100 waiver form will be emailed to you upon entry into your new major. Guidelines on how to satisfy the BUS 100 requirement will be detailed on the waiver form. 

Prior to applying to one of the business majors, we strongly suggest you reach out to the respective department chair for your prospective major for advising. Also, please be sure to utilize the “What-If” tool in PAWS to review your completed and remaining requirements for your prospective major. For additional guidance, you may refer to our major check sheets and suggested four year sequences.


Entrance into major/pre-major may be competitive. Other factors beyond the listed entrance requirements (such as GPA) may play a role in your acceptance. If you are accepted into Pre-Major status, the minimum required grade(s) for foundation course(s) will determine your full acceptance into the major.

Below is a list of the foundations course(s) required for each of the majors. Keep in mind that you are eligible to apply for the Pre-Major if you have completed or are currently completing the prerequisite course(s) for the foundation course(s). You must be eligible to complete the foundation course(s) the semester immediately following acceptance into the Pre-Major.

Accounting Major – Minimum grade of “B” in ACC 201 + Essay

Prerequisite for ACC 201:

  • Math 100 level course. Please note that ACC 201 is designated for business majors. If you are not currently a business major, you must contact the Accounting department chair to request entry into ACC 201.

Economics Major (BA or BS) – Minimum grade of “C” in ECO 101 AND ECO 102

Prerequisite for both ECO 101 and ECO 102:

  • MAT 95: Intermediate Algebra. If your math placement is MAT 119/120 or MAT 125/127, this also satisfies the prerequisite for ECO 101 and ECO 102. You will need to have completed or be completing both ECO 101 and ECO 102 within the following semester of applying as a Pre-Major. Therefore, we recommend that you are completing one of these at the time of applying for Pre-Major status so that you do not need to take them both in the same semester.

Finance Major – Minimum grade of “B” in FIN 201 + Essay

Prerequisites for FIN 201:

  • ACC 201: Financial Accounting (Please note that ACC 201 requires a Math 100 level course as a prerequisite. Also, you will need permission into ACC 201, as this course is designated for business majors. Please contact the Accounting department chair for registration assistance.)
  • STA 115: Statistics or STA 215: Statistical Inference
  • ECO 101: Principles of Microeconomics or ECO 102: Principles of Macroeconomics (please note that both ECO 101 and ECO 102 require placement into MAT 119/120 or higher OR completion of MAT 95)

Interdisciplinary Business Major – Minimum grade of “C+” in BUS 200 + Essay

Prerequisites for BUS 200:

  • Completion or exemption of WRI 102: Academic Writing
  • You must be sophomore class standing (have 8 earned units).

Management Major – Minimum grade of “C” in MGT 201 + Essay

  • MGT 201 does not have a prerequisite.

Marketing Major – Minimum grade of “C+” in MKT 201 AND minimum grade of “C” in one of the following: MAT 125/127 or STA 115/215

  • MKT 201 does not have a prerequisite.
  • STA 115 does not have a prerequisite.
  • STA 215 requires prerequisite or co-requisite of MAT 125/127.
  • MAT 125/127 requires placement into MAT 125/127 or completion of MAT 119/120, if needed.

Application Checklist

___ Completed Change of Major/Second Major Form (official Records & Registration form)

  • Do not seek department chair signature for this form. The department chair will review your application after the change of major deadline. You will upload this form through the online application system.

___ Application Essay, if required of your prospective major (1-2 pages, double-spaced)

  • You will upload your essay through the online application system.
  • Your essay should answer the following questions:
    How did you become interested in this major? Have you had any background experience related to your desired major? What are your career goals upon completing your degree, and how will this major support these goals?