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Accounting and Information Systems

Accounting is the language of business. Businesses rely on accounting and its information systems to evaluate and resolve complex financial problems. Since all business people use accounting to communicate, a sound working knowledge is essential to your rise through the ranks. The study of accounting is a smart place to begin any business career, whether or not you aspire to be an accountant.

About the Department

Ranked among the best in the nation, the accounting program at TCNJ has a long-standing reputation for preparing exceptional accountants. Students can expect small, engaging classes in a collaborative setting—including a hands-on audit lab—and close faculty mentorship. Our graduates enjoy remarkable success, with high pass rates on the CPA exam and a 60 to 70 percent recruitment rate with public accounting firms.

The department offers a Bachelor of Science in accountancy as well as a pathway for those graduates interested in earning CPA licensure.

Top 20 National Ranking

Top 20 National Ranking

Strong curriculum standards and great graduation rates earn us the No. 20 nod from

Direct Professional Insights

Direct Professional Insights

A semester-long colloquium connects accounting majors with professionals from Big 4 CPA firms and more.

EY Audit Lab

EY Audit Lab

Audit like a professional—using tools from advanced software to real-time data—in our simulation lab.

Programs of Study

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

The combination of a strong curriculum and talented students has earned TCNJ’s accounting program a reputation as one of the best in the nation. Building on the school’s required business core, the program consists of 10 accounting courses that integrate the study of the theory and current practice of accounting with research and computer applications. Classes are taught by full-time faculty who are active researchers and experts in specialized accounting fields, including auditing, cost, financial accounting, information systems, forensic accounting, and tax. Opportunities are available to collaborate with faculty on research projects, and students are encouraged to study abroad.

The TCNJ accounting program has a strong track record of successfully preparing students for employment in the public, corporate, not-for-profit, and government accounting sectors. The program also provides a pathway for those interested in licensure as a certified public accountant (CPA).

Interested in CPA licensure? Candidates must pass the CPA exam and complete 150 semester hours of education to obtain licensure; in many accounting programs, this requirement is fulfilled with a master’s degree. TCNJ students can earn the required credits at the undergraduate level by pursuing a second major, a minor, or electives to round out their program; we encourage students considering CPA certification to pursue a minor in a non-business discipline. The quality of our undergraduate pathway is clear: TCNJ boasts the No. 1 CPA pass rate in the state.

For those who apply for the CPA Exam, the following is the TCNJ Accounting program information:
  • Program title:  BS in Accountancy (130 credit hours program)
  • Program number (CIP code number): 520301

Interested in financial services and corporate accounting? Students seeking to specialize in financial sector audits or accounting positions at financial services firms and industrial corporations are encouraged to pursue a minor in finance in addition to a major in accounting. TCNJ graduates with a strong accounting and business valuation background are highly sought-after hires in this sector.

Minor in Accountancy

The accounting minor provides a solid business foundation that can complement almost any major. Students choose from two tracks: financial accounting or managerial accounting. Each track requires a minimum of five courses, depending on the major.

Minor in Information Systems and Technology

Students enrolled in the Information Systems and Technology (IST) minor will learn how to utilize technology in businesses and other organizations.  Information Systems and Technology is an integral part of any business environment; students that understand the strategic value of information systems and how to utilize technology to gain a competitive advantage will find many employment opportunities in global organizations. Students pursuing the IST minor will learn about information systems, systems design, database, project management, web design, and business analytics. In addition, they will acquire the broad managerial and organizational knowledge that is necessary to work in today’s technology-driven global economy.

Continuous Career Development

Newly declared accounting majors attend Introduction to the Accounting Profession, a semester-long colloquium surveying the world of accounting and featuring visits from accomplished professionals representing Big 4, national, and regional accounting firms as well as industrial and financial services firms.

As sophomores, students take a for-credit course in career planning for accountants, featuring visits with recruiters and professionals and weekly workshops on such topics as résumé development, networking and interviewing skills, and ethics in the accounting workplace. The course helps to prepare students for internships, usually in the junior or senior year. Accounting students are also encouraged to participate in regional and national conferences, with travel expenses supported by TCNJ.

In a senior capstone experience, students take research- and writing-intensive course that blends liberal learning principles—like critical thinking and analysis—with professional accounting practice. Discussion-based and student-driven, the course transfers primary responsibility for learning from the professor to the student, mirroring the initiative and responsibility expected of the accounting professional in the workplace or graduate school.

High-Profile Internships

Deloitte, EY, PwC, KPMG, J&J: Accounting majors typically participate in well-paid internships that often lead to entry-level jobs on graduation with Big 4 accounting firms, Fortune 500 companies, and top-tier financial institutions. More than 70 percent of TCNJ accounting majors complete an internship, with our support and encouragement. We believe that internships are a valuable way to build real-world experience and a professional network. In fact, each year, 90 to 95 percent of our interns receive job offers from their employers.

Our proximity to both Philadelphia and New York City—accessible by train from TCNJ—means students have the opportunity to work in two of the largest business centers in the country. We assist students in finding internships by leveraging our alumni network and the professionals at TCNJ’s Career Center. We even have a coordinator within the department to support students by mentoring and supervising their internships.

Outstanding Career Placements

Our graduates enjoy a wide range of career opportunities, working in public accounting firms, all government sectors, and across private industry. Many of our students land their first jobs through internships or on-campus recruitment. All Big 4 public accounting firms, many medium- and small-sized firms, and a large number of private companies visit campus to recruit our students. Some of the most exciting opportunities are in forensic accounting, the study of fraudulent financial activity; these specialists are in high demand by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Government Accountability Office, and the Internal Revenue Service.

Our program is excellent preparation for advanced study. Graduates have earned law degrees from such prestigious schools as Harvard and Georgetown, most commonly specializing in tax law, while others have pursued academic careers through doctoral study at Rutgers, Villanova, and Temple, among others.

TCNJ’s accounting program is listed as one of the number 1 top New Jersey Schools in accounting by collegefactual.

98% of May 2023 accounting graduates received at least one job offer as of April 2023.

Community Engaged Learning

Our students apply classroom concepts to real-world practice—while providing valuable services to the community—through both volunteer and course-based projects. Students in the cost accounting class, for example, worked with local youth to develop viable micro-businesses, while students in the managerial accounting class helped a nonprofit organization determine the costs associated with renovating a commercial building for various community uses. Our students also donate their time and expertise to the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, assisting low-income taxpayers while gaining experience in preparing tax returns.

Close Student Community

Accounting students move through the program as a cohort, sharing the same classes and the same professors throughout a structured, four-year curriculum. This makes for a student community that is remarkably close-knit and supportive of one another. They further strengthen this bond through active student organizations:

Institute of Management Accountants Student Chapter provides opportunities for students to visit with professionals, interact with professors in non-academic settings, and share social and business-oriented events.

Beta Alpha Psi, the national accounting and finance honor society, provides service and self-development opportunities while building relationships between student members and practicing professionals.

National Association of Black Accountants supports students underrepresented in business fields, enhancing their career potential and connecting them with peer and professional networks.

Academic Policies

Transfer Credit Policy
Students who enroll in the accounting degree program must take all required accounting courses at TCNJ. Alternate arrangements for a course may only be allowed in case of studying abroad, and with pre-approval in writing from the department. Accounting courses taken at another institution without department pre-approval will not be substituted for TCNJ accounting courses and will not count toward the degree.

ACC498: Senior Accounting Capstone
By definition a culminating experience, this course is to be taken in the last semester: spring for students graduating in May; fall for students graduating in December. It is integral to the purpose of the course that students complete sufficient accounting credits to maximize the learning experience; therefore, students must plan for this course according to their graduating semester.

Alumni Testimonials

“I just wanted to let you know that I passed all 4 sections of the CPA exam! I scored a 98 on Audit, 92 on BEC, 89 on REG, and a 95 on FAR. Thank you so much for being such a great professor; it made a huge difference when I went to study because you had already taught us all of the cost accounting information on BEC. Some of the problems on the exam were easier than on your exams! I really appreciate the hard work you put into teaching us. I hope you have a great rest of the year!” – Angela Ciallella ’16

“I wanted to reach out to let you know I just received the news last night that I passed the last part of the CPA Exam. Thankfully, I passed them all in one shot. I hope you can share this news with the rest of the accounting staff as I am beyond grateful for all of the amazing classes and instructors I had throughout my years at TCNJ. I felt like many of the concepts I came across while studying for the exam were just a review of the topics that I was taught in college. I hope you and all of the wonderful accounting professors will continue to challenge the current and incoming accounting students and give them the foundation to excel and strive in all of their endeavors as you all did for me.

P.S. I scored highest on BEC with a 94 most likely due to those tedious variance analysis worksheets that we did in class. Those were definitely the worst (but best!). Thank you and all of the staff again for everything over the years.” – Matt DeGenova ’19

“The TCNJ accounting program has lived up to its standard of one of the best accounting programs in the entire country. The job placement is exceptional and the foundation created to be a successful CPA candidate is unmatched. The highly qualified professors have carefully crafted the curriculum to cover the biggest and most important accounting topics covered on each of the four parts of the CPA exam. With the program’s high expectations, you will be fully equipped to have a successful career in any public or private accounting position!” – Andrew Dyer ’20

“I just wanted to share the good news that I officially passed all parts of the CPA exam a few weeks ago. I started studying in June and received my final score in February, putting the timeframe at a little less than 8 months. I say this because I owe my successes to you and the TCNJ accounting program. I believe the program gave me the foundations in both accounting and stamina that I needed to pass the exam, and I’m sure my peers would say the same.” – Annalise Suitovsky ’20

“The TCNJ Accountancy program truly does an amazing job at preparing students for the CPA exam. I know it will continue to do that in the future. I’m very honored to now join many CPAs who’ve gone through this degree program.” – Nathaniel Bargad ’19

“The accounting curriculum at TCNJ, which included a mix of interactive group projects, IT based activities, and business writing, adequately prepared me for the CPA exam. TCNJ provided a strong foundation for my early career and the future opportunities that lie ahead. The small class sizes found within the School of Business allowed for enlightening peer work and the ability to work closely with varying professors. The accounting professors care about the academic and professional success of their students. They routinely go above and beyond to assist their students in the classroom and with their post graduation plans. They are not simply professors, but also mentors and advisors.” – Melanie Fosko ’21

Contact Information

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Program Assistant
Rosemarie Multari