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Faculty and Staff

Our faculty are dedicated teacher-scholars who bring both expertise and experience to the business classroom. All are recognized as experts in their fields, conducting innovative research into theory and practice that continually transforms the way business is understood. Many are distinguished for their professional careers, sharing direct insights into how products are developed, assets are invested, people are managed, and companies are guided to greater responsibility and prosperity.

But the primary focus of our business faculty is always students. Each is committed to guiding the next generation of business leaders toward the attitudes and aptitudes needed to succeed in today’s competitive, global business environment.


Faculty Highlights

  • Business Faculty Win Research Award
    Two faculty members from The School of Business were recently announced winners of the Outstanding Author Contribution category in the 2020 Emerald Literati Awards. Hossein Nouri, professor of accounting & information systems, and Maria S. Domingo, associate professor of accounting & information systems, were both the contributors. They were awarded for their work, titled “Gender and Performance in Accounting Courses During and After Shock Periods,” as a chapter contribution to a textbook. They compare the academic performances between gender and transfer students in accounting programs with native accounting students during and after shock periods. The Emerald Literati Awards are hosted by Emerald Publishing, a company based in Bingley, UK with more than fifty years of experience in showcasing digital research and academic writing. Other awards included outstanding reviewer, outstanding paper, and outstanding journal contribution. Nouri’s background specializes in managerial accounting auditing and has previously worked on publications based in behavioral accounting and pedagogical research. Through her previous background as a federal tax analyst and manager, Domingo’s research focuses on the areas of federal income tax, and state and local tax.
  • Economics Paper Accepted for Publication
    Economics professors Dr. Lynn Tang and Dr. Richard Baker co-authored a paper titled, "The Success of Crowdfunding Projects: Technology, Globalization, and Geographic Distance," which has been accepted for publication in Economics of Innovation and New Technology. Steven Pittaro ’19 served as a student research assistant on this project. Pittaro now works as an operator at Eli Lilly and Company. “I want to thank my co-authors for their help in the early stage of data collection and paper development, and the research assistants provided by the School of Business,” said Dr. Tang. “I learned a lot about entrepreneurship and new startups on crowdfunding through this research project and the learning helped me to make my teaching more relevant to today's business world.” Abstract: We explore the implications of geographic distance between founders and backers for reward-based crowdfunding. We argue that the development of crowdfunding platforms in the past decade has expanded significantly the network of entrepreneurs by attracting long-distance supporters. Using projects from Kickstarter during a four-week period, we found that geographic distance increased the number of funders for innovative technology-based crowdfunding campaigns, and for projects with early backers from large metropolitan areas. The finding was robust using average distance measures weighted by top backer cities. However, the positive distance effect was marginal for projects founded in smaller cities.
  • Adjunct Professor Interviewed on Impeachment and Mueller ’66
    School of Business adjunct professor Jeffery Levine was interviewed by The Daily Princetonian at Princeton University on the Robert Mueller ’66’s independent investigation into President Donald Trump and the impeachment process. Read the interview here.
  • Unsecured Credit Cards for Bad Credit
    Dr. Susan Hume, associate professor of finance, was interviewed by WalletHub to discuss the use of unsecured credit cards by people with low credit. In the profile, Dr. Hume addresses the expense of unsecured cards, the biggest mistakes people make with selecting credit cards, and more. Read the full interview here.
  • Valentine's Day Spending Survey
    WalletHub recently interviewed associate professor of marketing & interdisciplinary business Dr. Karen Becker-Olsen as part of a national survey on how consumers will spend on Valentine's Day 2019.
  • Marketing Professor Wins Top Research Award
    Jingyi Duan, PhD, assistant professor of marketing and interdisciplinary business, was named a 2018 recipient of the Bright Ideas Research Award, an annual award to recognize the research and contributions of faculty, for her article, "Posting Purchases on Social Media Increases Happiness: The Mediating Roles of Purchases' Impact on Self and Interpersonal Relationships."
  • Dr. Hume Visits the NASDAQ Nordic Stock Exchange
    Dr. Susan Hume, Associate Professor of Finance, attended the ESG Integration Summit: Framework for Creating a Diverse and Dynamic Marketplace, on September 20, 2018, in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Richard Baker
    Richard Baker and co-author were awarded a 2016 Spencer Foundation Grant for their research on "Race, Family Background, and Educational Attainment in the Early Twentieth-Century South."
  • Susan Hume
    Susan Hume, Associate Professor of Finance, had the unique opportunity to join academics and top international stock market industry leaders at the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
  • Dean Bill Keep
    For 20 years, Dean Bill Keep has been an authoritative source on multilevel marketing, a sometimes controversial form of business.
  • Nancy Lasher and Susanna Monseau
    Professors Nancy Lasher and Susanna Monseau coordinated and chaired the annual conference of the North East Academy of Legal Studies in Business, held in Princeton, NJ.
  • Waheeda Lillevik
    Waheeda Lillevik, management professor and advisor to the Society of Human Resource Management, spent the Fall 2015 semester in Heidelberg, Germany, with 21 TCNJ students.
  • Kevin Michels
    Kevin Michels, Director of the School of Business Center for Innovation and Ethics, was interviewed by Karen Kroll for an article on corporate investigations, titled “Refresher Course on Discipline of Good Investigations” in Compliance Week (August 4, 2015.)
  • Bea Chiang and Al Pelham
    Accounting Professor Bea Chiang and Marketing Professor Al Pelham co-authored “Environmental Costs, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Financial Performance – A Closer Examination of Japanese Companies.”
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