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Global Business

There is little doubt that our future business leaders will need the ability to understand, anticipate, and succeed in domestic and global markets. Even a primarily domestic firm can encounter an unexpected opportunity – a new supplier or customer – outside the United States. Recognizing the increasingly connected global business environment the School of Business now offers Global Business I and Global Business II programs.

Global Business I combines a business major (accounting, finance, marketing, etc.) with a minor in International Studies (IS) offered through the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Similar to programs found at other top business schools, this approach gives students the depth of focus in a business area with global and cultural breadth. To a business curriculum the minor adds courses in international relations, political science, economics, history, an approved elective, 200-level language and an international trip, such as a faculty-led trip or a semester abroad. Global Business I develops an increasing understanding of a particular business area with a growing appreciation for culture and global connectivity. Global Business I can be completed without adding to a student’s total required credits.

Global Business II combines a business major with a dual major in IS. With this option, students strengthen their international commitment. Students who choose Global Business II will find the greatest synergy with the IS International Economics and Trade concentration. With careful planning, most students can complete the dual major in four years, including the required study abroad experience, with few if any credits beyond their current business degree.

We encourage all business students regardless of program or current interests to take a trip abroad. Faculty-led trips can be as short as two or three weeks while a semester abroad provides a fuller set of experiences. Consider the career trajectory of a student graduating in the early decades of the 21st Century. Even a career based entirely within the US can involve working with colleagues, supervisors, customers, service providers, and others raised, educated, and at times located in other cultures. Global Business I and II offer students an edge in demonstrating to employers an appreciation for the complex, global business world within which we live.

For more information and planning contact the School of Business Coordinator for Undergraduate Advising at 609-771-2882.

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