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Writing, Analyzing, Presenting

Any student can improve as a writer, an analyst of quantitative data, and a clear and persuasive presenter, or not. Any student can learn how to effectively work in and manage teams, even to the point of leading teams forward, or not. Success requires a challenging and supportive environment – the responsibility of the School – and effort and engagement – the responsibility of the student. We invite our students to engage with faculty to excel as a writer, an analyst, and a presenter. Business and organizations of all types value these skills.


Business writing tends to be concise, descriptive yet persuasive, well supported, and written using a positive voice. While some career paths may call for another type of writing, such as found in law school or graduate school, we emphasize solid business writing. Our faculty have assembled a writing guide to help but the most important ingredient is a desire to hone as skill that will last a lifetime.


Some areas of business conduct ongoing, in-depth quantitative analysis while other areas of business do this form of analysis less often. However, whether in sales or advertising, human resources or staff management, finance or accounting, virtually every business person now works to some extent with quantitative analysis. Our goal is to provide each student with the analysis skills consistent with their chosen career path. Even a student who tends more towards being a “people person” than a “numbers person” can achieve quantitative analytical skills helpful to their careers and their employers.


Along with good writing and insightful quantitative analysis, businesses value effective oral communications. Getting your point across to a single person can be difficult; speaking to a group of potential clients can be downright intimidating. Students are provided with many opportunities to enhance their presentation skills in a variety of classes within and outside the School of Business. As with most skills, practice helps.

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