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Faculty Research Interests

Thomas Breslin, Professor of Economics Research Interests: inflation, economic growth
George Cerf, Adjunct Professor of Economics
David Letcher, Professor of Economics Research Interests: student learning and technology
Bozena Leven, Professor of Economics Research Interests: economics of transition, international economics
Donka Mirtcheva, Assistant Professor of Economics Research Interests: economics of health care, religion and economics
Roger Moore, Adjunct Professor of Economics
Michele Naples, Associate Professor of Economics Research Interests: macroeconomics, history of economic thought, gender issues, labor economics
Howard Nelson, Adjunct Professor of Economics
Subarna Samanta, Professor of Economics Research Interests: economic development, international trade, international finance
Donald Vandegrift, Professor of Economics Research Interests: economics of law, behavioral economics, economics of land use, medical care spending

Some Representative Publications

Letcher, D. W. 2008. “Teaching the Second Course In Business Statistics: Student Knowledge, Use of Statistical Software, and Student Satisfaction,” American Institute of Higher Education Proceedings 1: 168-162.

Letcher, D. W. 2003. “Computer Skills of Entering Business School Students: Trends and Curriculum Implicatons,” International Business Schools Computing Quarterly 11: 51- 58.

Leven, B. 2008. “Poland’s Transition and the Search for New Opportunities for Women,” Feminist Economics 14: 123-136.

Leven, B. 2005. “Corruption and Reforms: A Case of Poland’s Medical Sector,” Communist and Post-Communist Studies 38: 447-455.

Leven, B. 2005. “New Developments in Poland’s Emigration – the EU Factor,” Journal of East-West Business 12: 49-64.

Naples, M. I. 2008. “Labor Demand under Strategic Competition and the Cyclical Profit Squeeze,” in Jon Goldstein & Michael Hillard, Eds., Heterodox Macroeconomics: Keynes, Marx and Globalization, London: Routledge.

Mirtcheva, D., Powell, L. 2009. “Participation in the National School Lunch Program: Importance of School-Level and Neighborhood Contextual Factors,” Journal of School Health 79: 485-494.

Powell, L., Slater, S., Mirtcheva, D., Bao, T., and Chaloupka, F. 2007. “Food Store Availability and Neighborhood Characteristics in the United States,” Preventive Medicine 44(3): 189-195.

Samanta, S. K. and Breslin, T. 2008. “Investment Flows, Economic Growth, and Corruption in African Countries: An Empirical Investigation,” Journal of African Business 9: 287-303.

Samanta, S. K. and Breslin, T. 2007. “Corruption and Economic Performance in several African Countries: An Analysis,” Asian-African Journal of Economics and Econometrics 7: 417-428.

Samanta, S. K., and Sanyal, R. 2011. “Trends in International Bribe Giving: Do Anti-Bribery Laws Matter? Journal of International Trade Law and Policy (forthcoming).

Samanta, S. K., and Sanyal, R. 2008. “Effect of Perception of Corruption on Outward US Foreign Direct Investment,” Global Business and Economics Review 10: 123-140.

Vandegrift, D. and Lahr, M. 2011. “Open Space, House Prices and the Tax Base,” Annals of Regional Science 46: 83-100.

Vandegrift, D. and Yavas, A. 2011. “An Experimental Test of Behavior under Team Production,” Managerial and Decision Economics 32: 35-51.

Vandegrift, D. and Yavas, A. 2010. “An Experimental Test of Sabotage in Tournaments,” Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 166: 259-285.

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