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The Economics Major and Graduate School

Since 2001, 37% of TCNJ Economics graduates have chosen to continue their studies at the graduate level. The most common choice for TCNJ Economics graduates is law school (19%). Economics graduates have enrolled in both local (e.g., Rutgers-Newark, Rutgers-Camden, Seton Hall) a well as nationally ranked law schools (Duke, Michigan, Penn, Washington University).

In addition to law schools, Economics graduates have enrolled in MBA programs (7%), Ph.D. programs (6%), and M.A. programs (6%). The M.A. enrollments include programs in public policy (e.g., Georgetown, Rutgers-Bloustein), M.A. Economics programs (e.g., Boston University), and an M.S. program in human resources (e.g., Villanova).  Enrollments in Ph.D. programs have primarily been in Economics (e.g., Rutgers-New Brunswick, American) but one student enrolled in a Math Ph.D. (Texas). MBA program enrollments have included standard programs (e.g., New York University) as well as dual degree programs (e.g., Pittsburgh, Temple). One student enrolled in dental school.


The American Economic Association offers an information website that describes economics for students who are considering college study and provides information useful to students who are enrolled in undergraduate programs, here.

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