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Requirements for the Minor in Leadership

Leadership MinorThe purpose of the Minor in Leadership is to further students’ development as leaders through curricular work. The minor will provide a formal curricular structure that offers leadership development opportunities to students who wish to work in organizations—whether businesses, government agencies, or nonprofits. Its courses will provide the conceptual and analytical foundations about the nature and the practice of leadership to supplement students’ practical experience and co-curricular skill development activities.

The minor features a multidisciplinary approach—an introduction and a capstone course that will frame the insights that students will gain from a variety of relevant options that will suit their own interests. This structure will help them to connect and integrate the insights of a variety of disciplines in understanding the complex phenomenon of leadership.

Students must take five courses for a minor in Leadership.


Foundational/Theoretical (one required from this list)

  • COM 441 – Organization and Leadership (1 unit)
  • MGT 215 – Leadership
  • PBH310 – Foundations of  Leadership

Additional Courses: (4 additional courses from this list in addition to required courses from Section A.)

At least two courses must be at the 300 level or above and must come from two different prefixes.

  • BUS 375/MGT 375 – Innovation
  • BUS 385/MGT 385 – Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (1 unit)
  • COM 240 – Public Speaking in Business and Government (1 unit)
  • COM 270  – Foundations of Leadership (1 unit)
  • COM 377 – Conflict and Collaborations (1 unit)
  • COM 441 – Organization and Leadership (1 unit)
  • MGT 301 – Organizational Behavior (1 unit)
  • MGT 310 – Cross Cultural Management (1 unit)
  • MGT 215 –  Leadership (1unit)
  • MGT 317 – Negotiations (1 unit)
  • MGT 415 – Leadership in Business and Society (1 unit)
  • MSCI 101/102 – Introduction to Military Leadership I and II (.25 each)*
  • MSCI 201/202  – Small-Unit Leadership I and II (.25 each)*
  • MSCI 301/302 – Applied Military Leadership I (.5 each)**
  • MSCI 401/402 – Leadership Development at the Prof. of Arms (.5 units)**
  • NUR 460 – Professional Role Development III
  • PBH 405  – Capstone Seminar/Caring within the Leadership Role (guided internship) (1 unit)
* MSC 101/102 and MSC 201/202 are open to all students to participate.
**MSCI 301/302 and MSCI 401/402 are for students enrolled in ROTC and contracted  by the US Army, and should be taken in combination to total 1 unit.


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