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Advisement for Undeclared Business Students

Advising for Undeclared Business students is handled by the School of Business Student Development Specialist who will meet with students for one-on-one advisement as well as group advisement for all freshmen students. Advisement includes:

  • Meeting with students prior to registration to review coursework and plan an appropriate schedule for the upcoming semester
  • Recommending that students meet with the chairperson(s) of possible major department(s) for additional information
  • Referring students to Career Services in order explore possible majors and careers
  • Guiding students in the “Change of Major” process

What Requirements Should I Follow?

All Business Majors (excluding the BA in Economics) must complete a Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). Therefore, the core requirements throughout the business majors will be the same. Undeclared students are encouraged to follow the Interdisciplinary Business major checksheet and four-year-sequence. This checksheet is the least restrictive and will provide students with the introductory business courses required of all School of Business majors. If you are thinking about majoring in Accounting, you should follow the Accounting Four-Year Sequence to avoid delayed graduation. This major requires a different Accounting II course than Business Administration and Economics.

Business Checksheets and Four-Year-Sequence charts can be found here:

When Should I Declare My Major?

While many students change their major within their first year of study, students are strongly encouraged to declare their major no later than the end of the sophomore year. This is the time that most CBK courses are completed and students start to focus on material specific to their discipline. No student may graduate as an Undeclared major. The School of Business will accept applications for new majors at designated times during the Fall and Spring semesters. Contact the Coordinator for Undergraduate Advising with any questions or concerns at 609-771-2882.

How Do I Declare My Major?

Instructions for applying for a major in the School of Business can be found at: Change of Major/Specialization Guidelines.

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