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Donald Vandegrift

Professor of Economics

Phone: (609) 771-2294


Office: Business Building 305

Office Hours: Monday 2:00-5:00pm
Will do meetings either in person or Zoom. You may email for a Zoom meeting.

Webpage: *

PhD University of Connecticut


Research Interests:

Land use/urban issues

Experimental/behavioral economics

Economics of law

Labor economics

Microeconomic policy issues


Refereed Publications:

“Sanctuary Policy Adoptions: Assessing the Effects of Ideology and Access to Housing and Labor Markets,” Urban Affairs Review (forthcoming) (co-author: Zachary Weyand).

“The Effect of Police Use of Lethal Force on Murder Levels in American Cities Before and After Ferguson,” Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 36, 235-261(2020). (co-author: Brian Connor).

“On the Determinants of Other-Regarding Behavior: Field Tests of the Moral Foundations Questionnaire,” Journal of Research in Personality, 81, 224-237 (2019). (co-authors: Trevor O’Grady, Michael Wolek, and Gregory Burr).

“An Economic Analysis of Complete Streets Policies,” Landscape and Urban Planning, 171, 88-97 (2018). (co-author: Nicholas Zanoni).

“Impact of a Light Rail Extension on Residential Property Values,” Research in Transportation Economics, 67, 11-18 (2018). (co-author: J. Camins-Esakov).

“The Effect of Walmart and Target on the Tax Rate,” Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences, 9, 309-327 (2016).

“Competitive Behavior, Impact on Others, and the Number of Competitors,” Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 57, 37-44 (2015). (co-author: Kristen Duke)

“The Effect of Walmart and Target on the Tax Base: Evidence from New Jersey,” Journal of Regional Science, 55, 159-187 (2015). (co-author: John Loyer)

“Competitive Behavior: Tests of the N-Effect and Proximity to a Standard,” Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics, 5, 182-192 (2012). (co-author: Brian Holaday)

“Town versus Gown: The Effect of a College on House Prices and the Tax Base,” Growth and Change, 43, 304-334 (2012). (co-authors: Amanda Lockshiss and Michael Lahr)

“An Experimental Test of Behavior under Team Production,” Managerial and Decision Economics, 32, 35-51 (2011). (co-author: Abdullah Yavas)

“Open Space, House Prices, and the Tax Base,” Annals of Regional Science, 46, 83-100 (2011). (co-author: Michael Lahr)

“An Experimental Test of Sabotage in Tournaments,” Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 166, 259-285 (2010). (co-author: Abdullah Yavas)

“Men, Women, and Competition: An Experimental Test of Behavior,” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 72, 554-570 (2009). (co-author: Abdullah Yavas)

“The Effect of Size, Age, Beta, and Disclosure Requirements on Hedge Fund Performance,” Journal of Derivatives and Hedge Funds, 15, 241-251 (2009). (co-author: Dvir Frumkin)

“Incentive Effects and Overcrowding in Tournaments: An Experimental Analysis,” Experimental Economics,10, 345-368 (2007). (co-authors: Abdullah Yavas and Paul M. Brown)

“Prescription Drug Expenditures in the U.S.: The Effect of Obesity, Demographics, and New Pharmaceutical Products,” Southern Economic Journal, 73, 515-529 (2006). (co-author: Anusua Datta)

“Gender Differences in the Use of High-Variance Strategies in Tournament Competition” Journal of Socio-Economics, 34, 834-849 (2005). (co-author: Paul M. Brown)

“Obesity Rates, Income, and Suburban Sprawl: An Analysis of U.S. States” Health & Place, 10, 221-229 (2004). (co-author: Tommer Yoked)

“Task Difficulty, Incentive Effects, and the Selection of High-Variance Strategies: An Experimental Examination of Tournament Behavior” Labour Economics, 10, 481-497 (2003). (co-author: Paul M. Brown)

“The Economic Effects of New Jersey’s Self-Service Operations Ban on Retail Gasoline Markets,” Journal of Consumer Policy, 24, 63-81 (2001).  (co-author: Joseph Bisti)

“Quality-Assuring Price and Breach of Express or Implied Warranty,” Contemporary Economic Policy, 19, 186-196 (2001).

“Income, Population Density, and Residential Energy Use: An Analysis of U.S. States,” The Journal of Energy and Development, 25, 37-45 (1999). (co-author: Vincent DiCaro)

“Asset Specificity, Long-term Contracts, and the Good Faith Requirement,” Eastern Economic Journal, 24, 475-493 (1998).

“Decision Costs, Contract Excuse, and the Westinghouse Commercial Impracticability Case,” European Journal of Law and Economics, 4, 41-54 (1997).


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