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Trevor O’Grady

Associate Professor of Economics

Phone: (609) 771-2688


Office: Business Building 219

Office Hours: Monday & Thursday 1:00-2:30pm

Office hours will be virtual through Zoom.

1:00 p – 1:45 pm Open (no waiting room)
Meeting ID: 983 9716 3999
Passcode: eOd338NL

1:45 p – 2:30 p (waiting room)
Meeting ID: 984 3927 3623
Passcode: ECzPQQfv

PhD University of California, Santa Barbara

Curriculum Vitae pdf


Research Interests:

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Public Goods, Applied Econometrics, Development Economics, Economic History

Publications, Working Papers, and Works in Progress:

O’Grady, Trevor, and Claudio Tagliapietra. 2017. “Biological welfare and the commons: A natural experiment in the alps, 1765-1845.” Economics & Human Biology. (Part A):137–53.

Libecap, Gary D., Lueck, and Trevor O’Grady. 2012. “Large-Scale Institutional Changes: Land Demarcation in the British Empire.” Journal of Law and Economics 54 (4):S295–327.

“The Effect of Land Ownership on Oil and Gas Production: A Natural Experiment,” with Eric Edwards and David Jenkins, 2017.

“Returns to Teaching Repetition,” with Harold Cuffe, Jan Feld, and Ulf Zölitz, 2017.

“Spatial Institutions in Urban Economies: How City Grids Affect Development,” in progress.

“The Effects of Foreclosure-driven Vacant Properties on Crime,” with Nirali Vyas and Felix Aidala-Brody, in progress.

“The American Frontier 1820-1940: Theory and Evidence from Five Million Settler Choices” (with Christian Dippel, Alex Whalley, and Connan Snider), in progress.


School of Business

Business Building, Room 114
The College of New Jersey
P.O. Box 7718
2000 Pennington Rd.
Ewing, NJ 08628