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Internships & Field Experience

Internships are strongly encouraged for all business majors. Credited or not, internships provide invaluable experiences. The School of Business works in conjunction with the Career Center to prepare students for their internship search and application process. Should you wish to complete an internship for credit, read through the following guidelines.

Credit Internship Experience

Students may submit a request to complete up to 2 units per internship experience*:

1 credit hour (0.25 unit) = 45 hours of experience

2 credit hours (0.5 unit) = 90 hours of experience

3 credit hours (0.75 unit) = 135 hours of experience

4 credit hours (1.0 unit) = 180 hours of experience

Students may complete a second internship in the same program only in situations where they will be able to apply essentially different knowledge, methods, or skills than those applied in the prior internship. Per college policy, students may receive credit for no more than three units of internship experience with up to two units for one internship in a single semester. Internships are considered free elective credit and are pass/unsatisfactory.

Please note that while most students will complete at least one internship during their academic career, not all students opt to complete their internship(s) for credit. Regardless of whether or not you are completing an internship for credit, the experience should be added to your resume.

* Accounting majors may have 10% of their related academic tasks counted towards 45 hours of work.


Registration Process

To be eligible, you must:

  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Be sophomore standing or higher
  • Have completed a minimum of 3 units at The College of New Jersey

If you are eligible and would like to pursue your internship for credit, these are the steps you must take PRIOR to starting your internship (Internships CANNOT be backdated/retroactive):

  1. Discuss your internship offer with your Supervising Faculty Member. If you do not yet have a Supervising Faculty Member, you must reach out to a full time professor whose area of expertise aligns with the same field as your internship (For example, if you will be completing a finance internship, you should work with a full time finance professor.). Please note that ALL Accounting internships (ACC 399) are supervised by Dr. Bea Chiang. If you are not sure who would be an appropriate faculty member to supervise your internship, reach out to the respective department chair to inquire.
  2. Review the required fields on the School of Business Internship Registration Application with your Supervising Faculty Member. You will be required to upload your internship offer letter directly into the application, but you should also submit a copy of your offer letter to your Supervising Faculty Member. 
  3. Complete the School of Business Internship Registration Application.
  4. After you have submitted the Internship Registration Application, you must forward your response receipt email to your Supervising Faculty Member immediately. Failure to do so will result in your internship not being processed for registration. 

DEADLINE: Please note that all internship enrollments should be submitted before the Add/Drop period ends.

Additional enrollment instructions for Supervising Faculty Members and Department Chairs are listed within the School of Business Internship Registration Application


Additional Internship Materials (discuss with your Supervising Faculty Member):

Student/Employer Agreement Form (Your Supervising Faculty Member may ask that you submit an approved Student/Employer Agreement Form directly to them. This is only required if your Supervising Faculty Member deems that it is necessary.)

Employer Evaluation


Time Sheets




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