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Professional Selling Minor

Why You Should Consider Taking Sales Courses (and consider pursuing a Professional Selling Minor):

  • Because everyone sells. Students sell themselves to employers. Accountants and lawyers sell their services to clients and non-clients. Employees sell their recommendations to bosses. Managers sell their plans and tactics to their subordinates and colleagues. You should consider improving your selling skills in order to improve the likelihood of success in these endeavors.
  • In practically every major, there are graduates who begin their career in sales. Some majors are particularly well suited to specific types of sales careers. For instance, science majors are well suited for pharmaceutical sales positions. Engineering majors are well suited for industrial sales positions. Accounting and Finance majors are well suited to sell financial services. A substantial portion of education majors switch to sales positions after a number of year as teachers.
  • An important part of success in your personal and professional life depends on your ability to listen, understand others, and communicate persuasively. Developing these skills is a key objective of professional selling courses.
  • These courses will help dispel some of the common myths about professional selling because of lack of exposure to business to business selling situations. This includes the belief that selling in a low paying career to be avoided because it entails cold calls requiring pushing of unwanted products and services. There is a wide spectrum of types of sales jobs, and low complexity retail/telemarketing selling can be characterized in with this description. However, professional business to business selling does not fit this description.
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