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Marketing and Interdisciplinary Business

The Department of Marketing and Interdisciplinary Business offers a B.S. in Business Administration with specializations in:


Marketing and Interdisciplinary Business Department contact info:

Department Chair – Dr. John McCarty; 609-771-3220;

Department Secretary – Eileen Stoeckle; 609-771-2566;


Marketing is both an orientation that organizations may adopt with respect to how they conduct business and a functional area of business.  As an orientation, being “marketing focused” means that an organization recognizes it must consider the wants and needs of its customers to be successful.  As a functional area, marketing is responsible for generating the revenue that sustains the operation of the organization.  Marketing includes numerous activities aimed at creating satisfying exchange relationships between the organization and its customers.  These activities include the selection of appropriate customers, developing the product to satisfy customer needs, setting a price that will make the exchange profitable, developing ways of communicating with customers, and managing supply and distribution relationships.

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Interdisciplinary Business

The Interdisciplinary Business (IDB) specialization is unique in the School of Business and is designed for students with specific academic and career interests who wish to tailor their academic course work into an approved course of study relevant to their particular career goals. The specialization permits flexibility in the business curriculum while providing a strong foundation in the functional areas of business and allows students to combine their interests in business and non-business disciplines.

Two tracks are available in IDB, the Guided Self-Designed Track and the Business and Public Policy Track, and each requires that students work with advisors to develop a program of study that fits their specific academic and career interests.  Both tracks also require a secondary focus of study from outside of the business disciplines that can be satisfied in a number of different ways.

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Interdisciplinary Business Program Information for 2015-2016