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Key Takeaways from Third Thursday on Social Media

On February 16 a panel of alumni gathered in the Business Building Lounge to discuss the ever evolving role of social media in the workplace. The event moderator, Morayea Pindziak ’99, marketing director, Healix, introduced the panel of experts:

  • Emily Dodd ‘03, digital content editor, TCNJ Office of Communication, Marketing & Brand Management
  • Chase Laster ’12, senior specialist, social media marketing, TD Ameritrade
  • Sean O’Grady ’04, communications strategist, Oxford Communications

Students in the audience had no shortage of questions including, what’s the best platform to utilize, how much growth does the panel see for social media marketing, how long does it take for a campaign to be deemed successful, and more.

Focus on Audience

The user must always consider his/her audience, regardless of social platform. According to the panelists, this includes using the right communication tools, articulating a clear, actionable message, and striving for the highest return on investment for time and potential dollars. “The most important communication is one that yields results,” said O’Grady.

Data Key to Growth

While the panel unanimously agreed that traditional means of marketing may be slowing, they predicted that digital media advertising and storytelling will continue to move forward at a rapid pace. There will be opportunities for new graduates in the space, especially for those who are able to effectively tell stories using multiple digital channels. A knowledge and understanding of analytical tools like Google Analytics is a key factor to success in the field. “Everybody is in the digital space: that’s not going to change,” commented Pindziak. “So, it might be a different version of social than what you see today, but it’s going to continue to grow.”

Measuring Success

Success means different things to different organizations, clients, and campaigns. It is important to consider the broad range of social media uses and tools when trying to measure success. When creating campaigns, the user must define his/her mission and what will be measured. “You need to make sure from the get-go you know exactly what you’re measuring,” said Laster.

Dodd, who manages TCNJ’s main social media accounts, questioned how audiences and brand champions can be leveraged to share messages even further. In other words, how can success be marketed? Delivering sharable content that your current audience enjoys will promote further outreach and help to build a successful campaign and brand.

How to Market Yourself Using Social Media

“If you can write, you’ll have a job,” said O’Grady. Demonstrating effective writing and communication skills is crucial to the success of any and all social platforms. More importantly, social media accounts must reflect your own unique voice and brand. “Be authentic as you promote yourself,” said Dodd. Having an active LinkedIn profile, website, or blog is important in marketing to employers. Creating original and engaging content shows initiative and is a positive way to stand out.

“It’s a blessing and a curse because it’s another responsibility now for you and it’s another layer,” said Dodd. “Here is a tool you can use that’s really going to help you, but it’s also something else that you need to consider and keep up with and use to your advantage that just a short time ago you didn’t have to worry about.”

The program was sponsored by the Dean’s Advisory Council, American Marketing Association, and the TCNJ Entrepreneurship Club.

The next program will take place on March 23 at 6:00 in the Business Building Lounge. The topic of focus will be business to business marketing and client relationships. Questions, concerns, and suggestions should be directed to Nicole Beagin, communications specialist,


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