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2020 MBPC Semi-Finalists Announced

2020 MBPC Semi-Finalists Announced

The six semi-finalist teams have been selected to advance to the next round in the Mayo Business Plan Competition. On March 4, the semi-finalists will deliver a presentation before a panel of judges, and three teams will advance to the finals on Wednesday, April 1, 5:00pm, in the Mayo Concert Hall. The finals are open to the TCNJ campus community and public.  The top prize of $30,000 will be awarded to the winning team with prizes of $20,000 and $10,000 for second and third place teams.

Alzheimer’s Initiative

  • Melanie Fosko ’21 Accounting
  • Samuel Maquet ’21 Biomedical Engineering
  • Shyamsunder Nukala ’21 Biomedical Engineering

Alzheimer’s Initiative is a mobile application for caregivers, Alzheimer’s patients, and individuals to help diagnose and track the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease. The application conveniently administers the MMSE risk assessment test, promotes awareness of the disease, and enhances the quality of life for both patients and caregivers. The app will bridge the gap between health care professionals and patients allowing better communication and faster prognoses providing a simple solution to track, manage, and communicate symptoms.

BAC Lock

  • Brian Fardman ’20 Health & Exercise Science
  • Alicia Podwojniak ’20 Biology

Drunk driving is a serious problem that continues to plague our country. As educational initiatives, various laws, and strict no tolerance policies have failed to eradicate this problem, alternative solutions must be considered. BAC Lock is an innovative approach to increasing self-awareness and staff supervision of intoxicated persons leaving a bar. Customers are encouraged to place their keys in our BAC lockers that are guarded with ID scanner and breathalyzer software. By checking BAC before leaving the bar, customers become more aware of their alcohol consumption, bar staff become aware of who is leaving their facility, and under what conditions.


  • Akshay Badade ’22 Finance
  • Trevor Bell ’22 Finance
  • Eric Holder ’22 Economics

Bolder is a mobile phone platform that employs an algorithm to optimize the process of matching tutors and tutees. Bolder seeks to improve the educational experience of every student by bridging the gap between classroom expectations and tutoring services.


  • Sree Chinta ’22 Biology
  • Arshya Chopra ’22 Accounting
  • Svanik Shirodkar ’22 International Studies

EmpowerMe is the solution to providing young people with an affordable, evidence-based, gamified app to monitor, improve, and understand their mental health. Millennials rely heavily on their smartphones for daily tasks and given that there is a stigma associated with seeking help for mental health, mental health apps can bridge the gap to ultimately seeking professional help and fostering ongoing therapy.

Lemonade Stand

  • Connor Introna ’20 Finance
  • Charles “Quint” Meredith V ’20 Management

Starting a business is complicated, intimidating, and difficult – Lemonade Stand is the 21st-century solution. Introducing a unique business consulting platform designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs. By aggregating resources from third-party vendors and company-provided services into one intuitive dashboard, Lemonade Stand will be the essential, all-in-one toolkit for those actively looking to start a business. The enterprise resource platform (ERP) will aim to connect the many individuals who have viable venture concepts with those who are actively marketing professional products and services. In addition, Lemonade Stand will foster an entrepreneurial enirvoment- offering personalized mentoring, step-by-step guidance, and special work shopping for users.

The Vortex

  • Jake DeGennaro ’21 Mechanical Engineering
  • Alexander Iorio ’21 Civil Engineering

The Vortex is a device that provides an innovative way of maintaining and disposing waste fishing line. Recreational fishing maintains an important role in sustainable management of resources, economic development, and data collection. It is vital to limit pollution and continue working towards sustainable recreational fishing habits. The Vortex allows recreational anglers a quick and easy way to help limit their environmental footprint and keep our waters pollution-free.


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