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Entrepreneurship Club Continues to Innovate

Entrepreneurship Club Continues to Innovate

This past semester at the Entrepreneurship Club has been a time of unprecedented and unique opportunity. The club discovered early on in the pandemic that the digital environment in which everyone was participating created fundamentally unique and new club dynamics, which could be leveraged in positive ways previously unknown. They recently launched a new website,, to function as a central component of its community by storing past recorded events and event distillations as well as hosting a weekly newsletter. They hope this new website benefits both current members and alumni alike. The club has also recently formed “TCNJ Link”, the brainchild of VP Nipun Majumdar, which connects various geographically dispersed entrepreneurship clubs at various institutions together to collaborate on events, networking, and more. They have hosted a number of inspiring, intellectually-valuable, and stimulating speakers including Tracey Syphax, Lynn Greenberg, and several of the original club founders. They have also held a number of relevant and practically-valuable non-speaker events, such as “Excelling from Home” and “Midterm Management, Not Madness”. The club hopes to build on this foundation in the upcoming Spring semester through creating a robust repository of practical and implementable knowledge on its website among other website upgrades, hosting various relevant speaker and non-speaker events, and to continue providing a space for the entrepreneurs of TCNJ to connect with like-minded individuals and the resources they need to make their visions into a reality.


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