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2022 Mayo Business Plan Competition Finalists Announced

2022 Mayo Business Plan Competition Finalists Announced

The final three teams competing in the 2022 Mayo Business Plan Competition have been selected. The live finals will be held on March 30, 2022, 5:00pm, in the Mayo Concert Hall. This event is open to the public. A top prize of $30,000 will be awarded to the winning team with prizes of $20,000 and $10,000 for second and third place teams.


  • Timothy Albano, Junior, Engineering Management
  • Jameson Dugan, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
  • Haoyu Ji, Senior, Mechanical Engineering
  • Daniel Kelly, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

AlpineAid’s mission is to advance the skills of skiers and snowboarders by providing realistic land training equipment capable of building and supporting muscle memory. Designed by senior mechanical engineering students Jameson Dugan, Haoyu Ji, and Daniel Kelly, who share a passion for snow sports, the team combined their technical engineering knowledge and mountain experience to deliver the next best thing to a ski slope itself. The product began as a senior capstone project, where its potential for retail success was realized. Junior engineering management major and avid skier Tim Albano was added to the team to develop the business and support this new product. With a working prototype in the final stages of assembly, the team is excited to share the product and business model in the next stage of competition and beyond as we grow this business and work towards obtaining a design patent.


  • Bryce Bishop, Senior, Computer Engineering
  • Chris Coniglio, Senior, Economics
  • Andrew Majowicz, Senior, Computer Engineering
  • Jack Tomkiel, Senior, Computer Engineering

The goal of eLuminate is to design and offer a unique and intuitive lighting system that is highly efficient and low cost for everybody. With many options for lighting being generic or limited, eLuminate plans to put creativity and freedom in the hands of its users. Being engineered as a compact and multi-purpose system, consumers can modify white and RGB light output to their desire, mount it however they like, and even use it on the go. The product, consisting of small 4×4 panels, can be interconnected into whatever shape or pattern users want. With these features and more, eLuminate hopes to bring affordable, enjoyable and high-end lighting systems to everybody.


  • Will Cunningham. Senior, Finance
  • Freddie Hayeck, Senior, Interdisciplinary Business

A free, easy to use investment allocation tool, Witz is a mobile application that provides users with a personalized investment allocation that is tailored for each individual. In a world where most people either can’t afford, or do not feel comfortable seeking investment advice from wealth managers, Witz brings the knowledge of an investment professional to the average person and helps them put their money where they need it.


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