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Spring 2023 Excel Testing

Spring 2023 Excel Testing

The School of Business offers its students the opportunity to complete the Microsoft Excel Certification testing for both Associate and Expert levels. The topical coverage of the Associate and Expert levels is described hereFor spring 2023 we will be only offering remote testing. NOTE: There are only two (2) test dates available. After these dates, we will NO LONGER offering the Excel Certification exams.

Students may register for an available exam date here Excel Certification Exam Spring 2023. These exams are limited to School of Business students only. Space for each exam date is limited to 10 students, therefore registration is on a first-come first-serve basis.  Below are the steps for after registration. It is the students responsibility to follow each step outlined below.

  1. Students will receive TWO (2) GOOGLE CALENDAR INVITES to their TCNJ email at the time of registration. Students must accept both calendar invites:
    1. ID verification calendar invite
    2. Exam time calendar invite
  2. All registered students will receive a confirmation email, anywhere from 5 – 7 days prior to their exam date. This email will include a deadline to respond (usually 24 hours) and will specify that they must accept the calendar invites. The students must reply to the confirmation email to confirm their attendance by the deadline in the email without exception.
  3. Please see the information below for those who do not follow the instructions above.
  4. All students who have confirmed, will be emailed instructions for the day of the exam at least 24 hours prior to the exam. Please be sure to follow all instructions carefully.

All students should review the exam tutorial prior to taking the exam Students will need to use Chrome as their browser during this exam and bandwidth download speed must be at least 10 Mbps. You can test your bandwidth download speed here If at all possible do not use a MAC for these exams. They tend to have issues.

Testers must set up the student’s Certiport account prior to the exam here:

  1. If the student does not have a Certiport account, please set that up using the link.
  2. If the student already has a Certiport account, please check your account to ensure that you remember your password prior to the exam.

The exam is a 50-minute, timed exam. All students can take each test for free up to two times if the same (Associate or Expert) level is involved, and up to three times if a combination of Associate and Expert levels are involved.

Failure to cancel an exam or not showing for the exam (no show) takes the exam spot from other students, as well as incurs significant costs to the School to pay for a missed exam. As outlined in #3 above, all registered students will be sent an email prior to the exam, usually 5-7 days, and will include a deadline to respond, usually within 24 hours.  Once the deadline expires, exams will be ordered only for those who accepted the calendar invites & confirmedAny student who does not confirm, cancels after confirming or does not show for an exam will not be allowed to register for another exam during the semester, will be removed from all calendar invites and will have that count as one of their two allotted attempts to take the exam.

If you require testing accommodations, you must apply though Certiport  This must be completed prior to your testing date.  You should attach to the Google registration form.

Any questions can be directed to


School of Business

Business Building, Room 114
The College of New Jersey
P.O. Box 7718
2000 Pennington Rd.
Ewing, NJ 08628