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Faculty and Students Present on Generation Z Learners

Faculty and Students Present on Generation Z Learners

A group of faculty and students presented at the 37th Annual Mid-Atlantic Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference on Saturday, April 15.  They participated in a panel workshop on Generation Z learners, focusing on three themes: VUCA, Technology and DEI,” Educating the Future Generation of Business Leaders:  Insights from Generation Z students. ” “These three students performed so well, I received so much praisefor their presentation and moderation skills with these professor attendees. TCNJ was well represented here,” said Dr. Waheeda Lillevik, associate professor of management.

Organizers: Dr. Waheeda Lillevik and Andres Moreira Orrala (student)

Panelists/Moderators: Noah Harrison (student),  Chelsea Lopez (student), and Alberto Carbonilla, Jr., lecturer.

Abstract: We are at a unique junction in management history where up to 5 generations of workers can be found in the workforce at the same time (Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z). This presents challenges for management educators, as we try to reach a wider group of learners. We see the world shifting attitudes and capabilities resulting in different expectations (by both students and educators), and a range of ways to connect, learn and work. This interactive and exploratory session facilitated by students and faculty members will discuss different themes of learning (e.g., technology, diversity, etc.).


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