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Chandni Vyas '13

Associate Director of Audience Analytics for The Arena Group

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Chandni Vyas graduated from TCNJ in 2013, majoring in marketing with a minor in psychology. She currently works as an Associate Director of Audience Analytics for The Arena Group, a technology and media company that provides technical solutions, distribution, and monetization services for journalists, editors, and content creators. Their portfolio of brands includes Sports Illustrated, TheStreet Finance, Parade Lifestyle, and Men’s Journal. In her role, Chandni evaluates the firm’s web performance on a regular basis and communicates her findings to the editorial team, sales team, and executive leadership to help their cross-functional efforts mesh more effectively.

Before attending TCNJ, Chandni was a student at Long Island University pursuing an education in pharmaceuticals. After transferring to TCNJ as a finance major and serving as finance chair of the Indian Student Association, Chandni made the switch to marketing and declared a psychology minor, quickly realizing she was now on the right track. In particular, Professor Becker’s consumer behavior course not only helped confirm Chandi’s educational trajectory, but provided lessons she still utilizes as a professional today.

When asked what advice she has for current students, Chandi said to enjoy your time in college because it will never come back, make the most of your classes, and don’t be afraid to pursue what you enjoy, even if that requires changing your major. Similarly, she warns that a career in corporate environments can be more rigid than some may anticipate, so finding something you’re truly passionate about is critical in ensuring your work life makes you happy.


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