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Michelle Marki '10

Professional Project Manager

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Michelle Marki, MS, PMP, is a certified Professional Project Manager and entrepreneur from Bergen County, New Jersey. She graduated from TCNJ in 2010, since earning a Master of Science in Biomedical Informatics in 2014 from Rutgers University. Michelle’s professional focus lies primarily in the healthcare technology field, though she has started branching out into other industries, several of which she discusses on her YouTube channel and podcast, which operate under her proprietary business. Michelle says her goal in becoming an investor is to both achieve financial freedom and to help others become their own investors by implementing strategies from the likes of Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger.

While studying at TCNJ, Michelle was involved in a number of student organizations, serving as a CA for the Office of Residential Education and Housing (Reslife) and Vice President of Internal Affairs at the Philippine Culture Club, while also participating in Club Women’s Lacrosse, Club Women’s Rugby, the Pre-Dental Society, and All College Theatre. She was also a member of the Sigma Iota Rho Honor Society for International Studies majors at TCNJ.

Of her college experience on the whole, Michelle says “the overall education I obtained at TCNJ prepared me well to critically think, to write well, and to develop a tenacious work ethic. I honed my sense of grit in taking on many collegiate responsibilities and extracurricular activities.” She also credits her challenging course schedule for “help[ing] me to grow into a capable adult… learning how to adapt with change and manage challenges competently.” Two TCNJ experiences in particular helped Michelle shape this mindset, one of which was her enrollment in organic chemistry: “I loved learning this type of creative chemistry even though my best final grade in one of the ‘orgo’ semesters only amounted to a B+. I could have settled for taking perceptively ‘easier’ courses while at TCNJ, but I pushed myself to take courses that challenged me intellectually.” The second experience, studying abroad in Japan, taught Michelle how to better budget and plan her experiences when she was unable to earn an income living in a foreign country.

When asked what she would tell her college-self, Michelle said “choose your mentors/role models wisely because you’ll become like those whom you spend a lot of time with or whom you allow to influence your behavior and decisions.” She explained that “many people get held back in their careers because they haven’t cracked the code on how to rise up in corporate organizations, and it can really help if you have superiors who are looking out for your best interests. It’s been key for me to identify credible people in the workplace, because there are so many people who play parts they haven’t quite become competent at.” Michelle also advises current students to “try to gain practical skills in a STEM-related field if you’re hoping to maximize your employment chances” and to “graduate with as little student loan debt as possible,” something she accomplished by working as a Community Adviser, Starbucks barista, and TCNJ Library worker while enrolled full-time at TCNJ.

On a personal level, Michelle enjoys teaching people about investing and personal finance in an unofficial capacity. You can find or contact Michelle via Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or her website and blog,


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