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Nicole Liloia '03

Nicole Liloia ’03 is the founder of, an online program that offers business consulting and strategies to women entrepreneurs. Liloia graduated from TCNJ with a degree in psychology, then immediately entered Columbia University where she earned her Master’s in Social Work.

Liloia first worked for a non-profit as a clinical social worker, counseling children and families. After a few years, Liloia became burnt out: “There was a lot of bureaucracy in the place where I worked, which made it difficult to solve problems and help my clients quickly.”

After leaving her job, Liloia spent time traveling and volunteering in South America, where she found happiness in escaping from the 9-to-5 world. This inspired Liloia to build a variety of work and consulting experience, and eventually, open up her own counseling business.

Through, Liloia uses her own strategy and mentorship model called the Unstoppable Profit Process, which helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses and profits with multiple income streams. “This allows businesses to have more security in their finances, while allowing them to also have a bigger impact in the world so that they can help more people,” says Liloia.

Looking back on her TCNJ education, Liloia remarked, “at TCNJ, I was able to have a well-rounded education and take a variety of classes — this has allowed me to excel in owning a business because I can adapt easily to many situations and help my clients (who all have different businesses) with a variety of problems they have. I was also lucky to build great relationships with other students and faculty. This helped me learn how to develop relationships and have strong communication skills so that I can adapt to new situations more easily than others do.” She advises students to step out of their comfort zone and take risks: “If your goals don’t make you uncomfortable, you’re not going to stretch yourself to reach them and you’ll get stuck at a certain level.”

Liloia currently resides in Jersey City, NJ. Students can learn more about her work through her website and Instagram at


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