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Priya Soni '19

Digital Marketing Consultant

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“I have always loved marketing and studied it in my undergraduate years,” said Priya Soni, a 2019 TCNJ graduate who currently works in digital marketing & e-commerce at LVMH. “Digital marketing is so huge in today’s world, so I am very fortunate to be in a relevant career path.” After completing her undergraduate degree, Soni went on to earn an MBA, with a concentration in marketing, from UMass, which propelled her to where she is today.

In her role at LVMH, Soni is responsible for growing the brand’s .com and eCommerce presence through CRM, media, clienteling, and various digital marketing efforts. Starting this position during the pandemic, Soni has found that working in a digital space has helped insulate her and her colleagues from challenges brought on by Covid:  “We have a smaller team that interacts daily. We focus on selling our products to our customers via our website and through search, social, and CRM channels, so an already-online approach has proved vital to our growth.”

During her time at TCNJ, Soni was involved in Student Government Association and Entrepreneurship Club. She enjoyed meeting like-minded friends and creating a difference within the campus community, where she helped to foster discussions of start-ups and new business ideas.

Soni’s experience at TCNJ especially made her realize that networking is key in navigating a career. Instead of simply applying to job postings, she utilized Handshake and reached out to recruiters directly to market herself and land an interview. “The very helpful recruiter I was in touch with submitted my resume to various managers within LVMH, and I interviewed for the brand new position almost immediately without having to apply for the job,” said Soni.

While some courses were more relevant to her studies than others, Soni recognizes that they all made her, as she put it, “a more well-rounded individual who can contribute to business topics and discussions.” She added, “I am grateful TCNJ has knowledgeable professors with real-word experience and expertise that bring relevant material into any classroom.”

When Soni was embarking upon her career in marketing, she was concerned about which aspect she would want to focus on and having to start all over if the first job wasn’t perfect. She realized that not everyone will find an instant fit with their first, or second, job. As she put it, “you learn your interests and passions as you go through your career journey. You will not know what you love if you have not found what you dislike.”

In her free time, Soni enjoys writing and is working on her second book, a book of poetry. She also enjoys modeling and influencing via Instagram, traveling, and being with loved ones.

Words of advice to students: “Embark on a career path you are passionate about; it makes life 10 times easier. Talk to as many people as you can about your career goals, whether that be a specific job title you would like to acquire, a company you would like to work for, etc. People are willing to help; you just need to be heard by the right person. Do not lose sight of your end goal, but take time to experience opportunities you are interested in. Some may surprise you.”


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