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Victoria Rendine '22

Senior National Account Manager for Topix Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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Victoria Rendine graduated from the TCNJ MBA program’s Strategy, Innovation, and Leadership track in 2022. Although balancing a full-time job with schoolwork and other personal responsibilities can be difficult, Victoria says the hybrid schedule made the program manageable and convenient. She also credits TCNJ’s sense of community, the classmates in her cohort, and her professors for making the TCNJ MBA experience a positive one: “I very much enjoyed being in my cohort and applying what we learned into our careers. Our professors allowed us to select many of our project topics which led our groups to get very creative and apply the lessons to real life,” she said. Additionally, one project in particular that stood out to Victoria was analyzing the global supply chain of the jewelry industry, which she explains is “very complex” but “fascinating” at the same time.

When asked what the TCNJ MBA program taught her, Victoria said “the most important thing I learned while earning my MBA is how imperative it is to be a team player. In business, there will be countless projects or teams where you do not get to choose who you work with. However, you can choose how you act and contribute to the goal.” Having now completed the program, Victoria advises future MBA students to lean into their strengths and career experience and to keep an open mind to perspectives that differ from their own. Also, “a positive attitude will make the program a lot more fun,” she added.

Just two months after receiving her MBA from TCNJ, Victoria was recruited for two new positions and secured a higher title, better compensation, and more comprehensive benefits. Victoria says she’s not only thankful for the immediate career advancement, but the life-long friends she made throughout her time in the program and she looks forward to seeing where her new degree will take her in the future.

Now working as a Senior National Account Manager for Topix Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Victoria manages the Ulta account for the company’s Derma-E brand and is responsible for retail sales, budgets, planning/forecasts, visual merchandising, promotions, dotcom/digital, marketing, sampling, and many other cross-functional activities. “I believe in my brand,” she says, “and I really enjoy being able to see how my strategic decisions impact the business.”


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