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PSE Annual 2016 National Convention

PSE Annual 2016 National Convention

This year, the Zeta Zeta Chapter of Pi Sigma Epsilon took America’s Dairy Land by storm with their participation in the National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over the course of March 21-25, 21 students competed in various competitions with over 50 chapters nationwide. The Zeta Zeta Chapter of TCNJ competed along with five other Chapters for the title of William H. Harris Top Silver Chapter. The judgment is based upon Chapter activity, membership size, and any other notable events that have occurred in the past year. Zeta Zeta competed alongside Illinois State University, University of Maryland, University of Connecticut and University of North Carolina at Wilmington for Top Silver Chapter.

One of Zeta Zeta’s greatest achievements at this year’s convention was the success of its members in the Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon competition. This is a mock role play scenario in which the participants put their best on the table in a simulated sales call. The buyer acted as a Top Marketing Executive for a real estate company, while the competitors acted as an agent of Cutco Cutlery during the sales role-play. The competition was composed of two parts, with the best participants from the day advancing to compete again the following day. TCNJ had 19 competitors in the Pro-Am, filled with fresh faces and seasoned veterans. TCNJ tied for most overall finalists with 6 competitors reaching the second round out of over 100 students across the nation. TCNJ finalists included Chapter President Chrystalla Socratous, Connor Hubler, Alyssa Freitas, Allissa Kolczynski, Jillian Troiano, and Colleen Dean. Of the overall 27 finalists, Chrystalla Socratous and Alyssa Freitas placed in the top five competitors.  Faculty Advisor, Dr. Alfred Pelham, along with other school advisors and PSE sponsors, participated in the Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon competition as buyers.


Notable Honors and Achievements

Alyssa Freitas achieved 2nd place overall for the 2016-year while Chrystalla Socratous achieved 5th place overall for the 2016-year in the Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon sales role-play competition out of over 100 competitors.

Chrystalla Socratous and Connor Hubler competed as one of four finalists for the Top Marketing Project- Client Based Award for their work on the multi-million dollar project with Modis IT Staffing.

Alyssa Freitas was one of six finalists for the Top PSE Salesperson Award across all chapters for the 2016-year.

Dr. Pelham was also nominated as Top Faculty Advisor of the Year.

Connor Hubler co-led a lecture to other chapters across the nation exploring ideas in regards to Human Resources and recruitment, as well as retention initiatives.

Five TCNJ students competed in the Marketing Case Competition, acting on behalf of a Public Relations company to offer their assistance to Volkswagen Automotive in the wake of their emissions scandal. Participants include Christina Mazzeo, Dave Paretti, Marshall Lutz, John Terebey, and Greg Sakos, as well as collective assistance from fellow chapter members. Faculty Advisor, Dr. Pelham, also participated as a judge in this competition.


PSE Zeta Zeta
The Zeta Zeta Chapter at the College of New Jersey competed for Top Silver Chapter at the 2016 National Convention.
Pro Am Sell-a-thon
Clockwise: Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon finalists Connor Hubler, Colleen Dean, Alyssa Freitas, President Chrystalla Socratous, Allissa Kolczynski, and Jillian Troiano.
Pro-Am winners
Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon Fifth Place: Chrystalla Socratous and Second Place: Alyssa Freitas with Faculty Advisor: Dr. Pelham.
The Zeta Zeta Chapter at The College of New Jersey wrapping up a fantastic week at the 2016 National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!


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