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Marketing Students Visit NYC Agency

Marketing Students Visit NYC Agency

Members of the School of Business’s chapter of the American Marketing Association recently visited with alumna and Dean’s Advisory Council member, Morayea Pindziak ‘99, at her office in New York City. Pindziak is a marketing director at Healix, a health care-focused media agency and subsidiary of Mediabrands. Students met with Healix president, Jeffrey Erb, who described the capabilities of Healix, working in the pharmaceutical marketing industry, and the culture of the organization overall. Students also participated in a Q&A session with young professionals from across the Mediabrands specialty business units. They discussed different marketing roles in the organization, how the business units interact and collaborate with each other, and how some of the Mediabrands employees started their own careers in the field. Students were given a tour of the office space and the IPG Media lab where they learned about the latest technologies being used in marketing and media campaigns. These included intelligent personal assistants like Google Home, chat bots, virtual and augmented reality.

“This was an opportunity to introduce TCNJ students to the media industry and agency life. I can talk about agencies, marketing trends, or even Healix with the students, but having them witness the energy in the office and engage directly with media professionals across various disciplines and tenures brings a whole new dimension to their understanding of what’s possible in this space and whether or not media is where they may want to focus their careers,” said Pindziak. “When I was a student, my network provided me opportunities to explore different industries and roles that significantly shaped the direction my career took. I’m grateful for those opportunities and want to “pay-it-forward” to today’s students.”


The firm’s atmosphere was the most surprising but the best part of the trip. The office had a beer lounge, a full gym and an innovation lab that was full of new technical gadgets. Before the trip, I was only considering a sales profession, but IPG introduced me to the fun and creative field of advertising. Educationally, I was able to take away tips on networking, interviewing, and resume building.–Justin Boston ‘19

I got to ask a question about the recent issue with YouTube (YouTube was projecting ads in inappropriate videos) and how it affected the each department they were in charge of and what kind of changes they had to make in order to accommodate this scandal. They also made us all aware of the importance of networking and how important LinkedIn actually is. I learned so much about how the company is run and most importantly, the culture of it. Also, Jeffrey Erb the president of Healix opened my eyes to the pharma side of marketing which I was never exposed to and really taught me what the company does in their day-to-day operation.
–Sung Min (Jason) Kwon ’19

The Healix trip in New York was very insightful! It had opened my eyes to possibly work in a company that specializes in pharmaceuticals and analytics which are both things I haven’t had much interest in prior to. Jeff Erb spoke to us and really emphasizes the fun but hardworking culture of Healix which is something I was very attracted to.
–Angelica Mellomids ‘18

We spoke with a panel of representatives from different subcompanies of IPG Mediabrands, such as Healix, Society, Ansible, Cadreon, Reprise, and Rapport. It was interesting to hear them talk about how the building’s open floor plan creates an open communication channel and feeling of advocacy of people around you in the office. They also spoke of how the fact that nothing is absolute in marketing and social media can be frustrating, but it’s also invigorating. You have to strive to outperform yourself and always look for ways to go back and do your job even better.
–Kaelyn DiGiamarino ‘18

Visiting Healix as a part of IPG Mediabrands was a very rewarding experience for me as an aspiring marketer. What I found to be most interesting about Healix was their advanced technology in making advertising interesting, personal, and relevant to each customer’s needs through SEO etc. Additionally, the workspace of IPG mediabrands is especially alluring. An open work environment where no one has an office promotes liquid networks which inspire innovation, collaboration, and progressive-thinking from employees of varying talent and utility to the company. It’s most certainly a firm I would enjoy working for, as they have an attractive corporate culture that feels progressive and open to new ideas.  –Nicholas Maldarelli ‘17



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