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Student Attends Forbes Under 30 Summit

Student Attends Forbes Under 30 Summit

Accounting senior Sherida Hinckson attended the annual Forbes Under 30 Summit this semester in Detroit, Michigan as a Forbes Under 30 Scholar. Only 1,000 students across the country are selected to participate in the event. Sherida shared some of the insights she gained from the Summit and how they inspired her to promote better financial literacy across the TCNJ campus community:

Some of the biggest highlights were reconnecting with other students I met at other conferences years ago and listening to a speaker talk about building wealth. I was captivated by what she was saying, and it really got the gears in my mind turning about how I can bring better financial literacy to the campus community as a whole. I regularly have non-business majors reaching out to me wondering how they can get into business and merge that with what they’re currently studying. (I even had a sophomore Public Health Major almost double major in accounting entirely! True story. But she’s opted to think about getting an accounting minor instead.) For that reason, I am planning a month of events in the spring semester that will engage the entire campus community (with the co-sponsorship of recognized organizations in the SoB) in multiple capacities regarding financial literacy and understanding what the heck us accounting majors are doing in the School of Business in the first place.

The conference and some of the many impressive students I met led to a new interest in potentially pursuing a data analytics degree in the future and potentially starting a business of my own!

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