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School of Business Inclusion Statement

At the School of Business, WE RENEW OUR COMMITMENT TO:

  •       Treat every individual with dignity, respect, kindness, compassion, equality, and civility.
  •       Listen to your voice. You will be heard.
  •       Demonstrate empathy for others.
  •       Accept the differences in others.
  •       Respect others’ viewpoints.
  •       Show care to maintain a safe environment for all.
  •       Speak up when we see something inconsistent with our Code of Conduct because silence may otherwise allow hatred, racism, or violence.

Not sure what you can do?

  •       Pay attention and hold yourself accountable to your language, attitude, and demeanor toward others.
  •       Read a book or watch a movie about a topic that challenges your personal biases.
  •       Attend training about cultural awareness to understand differences between yourself and others.
  •       Celebrate cultural diversity, the condition of being different.
  •       Examine your own values, beliefs, and perceptions about others.