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2024 MBPC Semi-Finalists Announced

2024 MBPC Semi-Finalists Announced

The six teams have been selected to advance to the next round in the Mayo Business Plan Competition. On February 28, 2024, the semi-finalists will deliver their presentations, in a closed session, to a panel of judges. Three teams will be chosen to advance to the finals.

The finals will be held on March 27, 2024, beginning at 5:00 pm in Mayo Concert Hall. The finals are open to the TCNJ community and the public. The top prize of $30,000 will be awarded to the top team, with prizes of $20,000 and $10,000 being awarded to the second and third-place teams.

2nd Chance

  • Dylan Romanski, Senior, Finance major
  • Caley Faith Cortezano, Junior, Public Health major
  • Alex Fabiano, Senior, Interdisciplinary Business major

2nd Chance Thrift is a trendy and affordable second-hand store that aims to provide students at The College of New Jersey, and residents of the surrounding area, with financially and eco-conscious shopping options with high-quality new or used clothing, furniture, school supplies, and more, while supporting the local charities of Trenton and Mercer County, New Jersey.


Girls Got Your Back

  • Olivia Chiarella, Junior, Communications major
  • Tatiana Sawka, Junior, Marketing major
  • Victoria Dasilva, Junior, Finance major
  • Madilynne Slifer, Senior, Marketing major

The story of “Girls Got Your Back” begins with a vision to create a supportive and empowering community for women facing “mini emergencies” in their daily lives. Through an app, currently in development, “Girls Got Your Back” aims to facilitate mutual assistance among women in a community during times of need, providing access to essential products and relief for minor issues.  Our primary focus is launching the app to empower women to support one another by “having their back” when they need a product or service during a “mini emergency”.


Golden Connections

  • Emma Route, Junior, Chemistry major
  • Sangam Shivaprasad, Senior, Biology major
  • Lauren Cunningham, Senior, Marketing major

Golden Connections (GC) is an AI-powered health and wellness digital application platform designed for the unique needs of seniors and caregivers prioritizing aging at home. This user-friendly platform features Grace, an AI assistant which can help seniors with everyday tasks and reminders, as well as provide health and wellness insights based on speech biomarker analysis. Additionally, Golden Connections offers caregivers peace of mind through customized wellness reports, a supportive care community, and a specialized marketplace all designed to assist families in providing quality loving care.


 Sip & Shuffle

  • Maddie Saltstein, Junior, Psychology major
  • Shivam Nangia, Junior, Psychology major

Sip & Shuffle, a dynamic entrant into the social gaming industry, offers a unique and entertaining experience through its innovative drinking card game subscription service. The monthly curated subscription boxes, featuring a blend of classic favorites and exclusive games, aim to redefine social interactions and foster a sense of community. Positioned as more than just a subscription service, Sip & Shuffle prioritizes inclusivity, connection, and shared laughter. Our flexible subscription plans cater to diverse preferences, ensuring personalized experiences for our subscribers. With a strategic focus on building a vibrant online community, enhanced marketing efforts, and a commitment to quality, Sip & Shuffle aspires to become a leading brand in the social gaming space.



  • John Sciulla Senior, Marketing major
  • Cristian Diaz, Senior, Finance major

Trutesta’s mission is to inspire a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts committed to personal growth, offering quality athletic gear and fitness services tailored through interactive fitness apparel. Trutesta’s apparel aims to empower athletes, offering a personalized tool for guiding individuals on their path to physical personal growth. The forefront of Trutesta’s strategy is the integration of Near-Field-Communication (NFC) chips woven into the fitness apparel. This NFC technology functions the same as the everyday, widespread smartphone Tap-To-Pay feature. This enables users to tap their smartphones to NFC tags embedded in the clothing, providing access to a personalized fitness tracking app. With a focus on rewarding user engagement and fitness progression, Trutesta’s app and NFC-enabled products offer a unique, personalized experience, differentiating itself through innovation and a customer-centric approach. Our vision is to guide athletes into embracing their true essence in the complex labyrinth of life, enabling one to build their “TRUE” self.



  • Ariyana Hussain, Freshman, Management major
  • Qeihan Anderson, Freshman, Finance major

VirtuVendor LLC is a startup Limited Liability Company proposing to operate an online purchasing platform paired with physical vending machines, in-store locations, and delivery services for convenient items commonly found in campus stores and vending machines. The target market is college students on campuses across the country. The product range will include snacks, drinks, pre-packaged snack boxes, school supplies, basic hygiene items, contraceptives, seasonal specials, and more.



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