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Senior Economic Students Give Thesis Presentations

As part of the capstone course for Economics majors, students must present both a written and oral thesis. The goal of the senior thesis is to produce original research on an economic topic. The thesis requires not only that students review and synthesize related literature from economics journals but also gather and analyze new data in support of a particular hypothesis. Many of the best senior theses at TCNJ have, after some additional work, appeared in peer-reviewed economics journals. Thus, the senior thesis in economics differs from a typical term paper because it seeks to make a real contribution by generating new evidence and/or analysis on a particular economic topic.

The presenters & topics included:

  • Nolan Dacey, Decarbonization and Income
  • Brian McCormack, Racial Differences in Property Assessments
  • Ana-Sofia Kyros, Gender Differences in Labor Strike Outcomes
  • Aidan Grigorian, Even study of Operation Warp Speed Announcements
  • Adi Jordan, Incentivizing EV Adoption
  • Kulpreet Khattra, How Does College Major Selection Impact Post-Graduate Earnings?
  • Christopher Bonadeio-Cappelio, Pollution and Unemployment in the United States
  • Liam Barnett, Effect of Sports Spending on College Academics
  • Tanisha Mehrotra, The Impact of FinTech on Traditional Banking
  • Chris Baldwin, Examining the Influence of Public Education Expenditure and Quality on State GDP Growth
  • Jason Evensen, The Long-Term Socioeconomic Impacts of Childhood Cancer Survival
  • Mateo Perez, Assessing the Effectiveness of COVID-19 Policy Measures: A Comprehensive State-Level Analysis
  • Seraphine Plewa, The Impact of Labor Unions on the Gender Wage Gap in the United States
  • Vinny Mangano, Balancing the Books: Understanding How National Debt Shapes GDP in the U.S.
  • Zach Rhoda, The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on ADHD Diagnoses

The School of Business is extremely proud of these students and all the hard work they put into their thesis and presentations.


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