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Accounting & Information Systems Department

Accounting Major: 130 credit hours (32.5 course units)

CPA: Accounting Major + a Minor with (5 course units or 20 credits)

Contact info:

Chair – Dr. Sunita Ahlawat; 609-771-3044;

Department Secretary – Eileen Stoeckle; 609-771-2566;


Accounting Major

The combination of a strong curriculum and talented students has earned TCNJ’s accounting program the reputation of one of the best accounting programs in the region. Accounting majors typically participate in well-paid winter internships that lead to entry-level jobs upon graduation for careers directly or indirectly involving accounting.

Related aspects that augment the accounting curriculum include:

Introduction to Accounting Profession colloquium:Newly declared accounting majors attend this semester-long colloquium. Students learn about the accounting profession and accounting professionalism directly from accomplished professionals at the Big 4 CPA firms, national and regional firms, industrial companies, and financial services firms. 

Sophomore Career Planning: Students become familiar with resume development, networking and interviewing skills, career opportunities and options within the accounting field, and ethics in the accounting workplace. 

VITA: Students offer free tax return assistance through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program for low-income taxpayers providing a valuable community service while gaining experience in preparing a variety of tax returns.

Capstone Experience: Students learn to integrate seemingly unrelated ideas and perspectives in a research and writing intensive capstone course designed to blend liberal learning principles with accounting.

The Institute of Management Accountants Student Chapter (IMASC): Students have the opportunity to interact with each other, visit professionals and meet with professors in a non-academic environment. 

Beta Alpha Psi: This national accounting honor society and professional fraternity promotes the study and practice of accounting and finance, and provides opportunities for self-development, service and association among members and practicing professionals. 

NABA Club: This national organization enables under-represented students to enhance their career potential in accounting and business field and offers opportunities to network with peers and financial professionals. NABA is open to all business majors.


Accounting Curriculum 

Although TCNJ’s current accounting major successfully prepares students for a variety of employment options, most accounting graduates take entry-level positions in public accounting, often with the large international “Big 4” CPA firms. Because strong accounting competencies are also in demand at non-public accounting firms, including financial institutions and industrial corporations, interdisciplinary minor may appeal to students considering other employment choices.

Accounting Program Information for 2014-2015

Recommended Minors

Financial Services and Corporate Accounting

A minor in finance may appeal to students seeking accounting positions at financial services firms and industrial corporations. For some time representatives from these companies have sought TCNJ students with a strong accounting and business valuation background. External constituencies suggest that a healthy dose of finance will strengthen these students and make them even more attractive.

Information Systems

A minor in computer science may appeal to students seeking accounting positions with information systems specialty. Global risk management (GRM) is motivating public accounting firms to seek graduates who possess strong systems skills in addition to understanding of accounting. GRM is becoming an important element in the conduct of the financial audit by way of assessing accounting system and computer risks that impact the financial statements of the organization and by evaluating internal controls in place to minimize such risks.


A minor in other areas like communication and psychology may appeal to those looking to work for the FBI or IRS.


Our Strategies

We maintain high quality, innovative, and relevant curricula.
We develop in students the capability to identify problems, gather and interpret information, evaluate alternatives, and to formulate and communicate solutions.
We mentor students and facilitate educational and professional opportunities to encourage students to pursue accounting careers.
We recruit and develop outstanding, diverse faculty.